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Bug/Issue Wrong secret partner for Feast of the Winter Star

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nesciosquid, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Nesciosquid

    Nesciosquid Space Hobo

    I received letters from Lewis telling me that my secret partner was Demetrius (twice!)

    Then, when I got to the Feast of the Winter Star, the only person I could give a present to was Shane.

    Not sure how to replicate this bug -- I could attach a save from earlier in the game, before the mail was sent?
    • PeanutButterCupquake

      PeanutButterCupquake Void-Bound Voyager

      I got a very similar bug, told me my secret partner that I was to give a gift to was Clint, but instead I was given a gift from Clint. Don't mind the mistake actually that much, got an Iridium bar from him, just would have been nice to be informed about the right person.
      • TheSilentObserver

        TheSilentObserver Big Damn Hero

        I had it tell me my secret gift was for Emily, only to find it was Elliot.

        Turns out the gift I got was something SHE loves, but he HATES. Awkward...
        • DamagedNeko

          DamagedNeko Void-Bound Voyager

          Yeah Gog Version if it makes a difference Was Told i had Leah, so Went to the trouble of Making Wine For her..

          Get to the Feast to find out it was football boy Alex, <.<;; Hm Not a Wine Lover. couldn't leave to get new Gift, Gave him a Flower instead. Awkward...
          • Nesciosquid

            Nesciosquid Space Hobo

            Hmm. Did this all happen after the patch that came out recently?

            My theory is that the patch changed some stuff that affected the RNG that determines who your paired townspeople are for that event.

            We probably got letters before the event, telling us we were paired with one person. Then the patch hit, changing our assigned partner, but we wouldn't notice in-game because we already got the letters. Then, when the festival arrives, our person seems to have swapped!

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