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    I uh...Wrote some little bits. Thought I might share them.
    She wandered to the beach where her husband stood serenely, staring out at the ocean. She came to a stop next to him and eventually he turned to her with a beautiful smile, his hair swaying in the breeze like something right out of a romance novel. She hadn’t been sure about him at first, the flowery talking struggling author living out in a shack. She couldn’t say she thought his writing struck her particularly deep either, much as she adored him. He was charming, but not in his poetic turn of phrase or the romance lead vibe he had. He was very sweet, very gentle and it drew her in something fierce. She was…Not so soft. Gruff, sometimes, not much of a talker. Callouses and on the taller side for a woman, with more defined muscle than some might prefer. Her looks didn’t matter to him, aside that he thought her beautiful, that he admired the power in her body and whispered sweet, sometimes lewd things to her late at night. He wholeheartedly adored her and his pure enthusiasm was so infectious and it always warmed up a spot in her chest that she hadn’t known was cold until she started falling for him. She wasn’t very good expressing herself though, so she just took his hand, entwined their fingers and stared out at the sea. When she squeezed his hand gently, he returned it warmly and pressed a kiss to her temple.

    She slipped back into the house, careful not to be too loud to wake her wife. She checked on the kids, obediently pet the cat when she sleepily woke up and demanded affection, made sure the potted plants she kept inside were watered all silently and efficiently and checked on the cellar supplies before organizing her haul from the Skull Cavern and taking an efficient, quick shower. She slid quietly into bed, her wife mumbling in her sleep and turning to cuddle into her warmth and she pet her long silky blonde hair for a few moments before resting her eyes. When she wakes, she knew her wife would either have made her breakfast or would be right beside her, shining aquamarine eyes gleaming at her with so much love it might just make her heart burst.

    She wasn’t quite a vineyard type but she produced mass amounts of top quality wines. She sold them in bulk usually, using the shipping bin. She also tended to gift them during special occasions or birthdays. Her husband enjoyed beer more than he liked wine, he didn’t really like it but…Wine wasn’t just good money for her. Shane hasn’t realized it yet, no one in town has. She wasn’t like Pam, or Shane in the way she drank. While she didn’t get blackout drunk, she did need a little something to get her through her days, sometimes a little more than others. She was pretty sure Shane’s been dropping hints about children but that…Would mean she needed to stop drinking while pregnant. She wasn’t sure she could. She didn’t want him to know. She wiped her mouth, setting the bottle down. Shane was visiting Marnie and Jas today so she chose a deeper colored wine that stained a little too noticeably when she didn’t have time to brush it off. Eating his favorites, pepper poppers or pizza rolls, also helped get rid of the lingering taste of her wines. She had wanted to go with, to see Jas. She adored the girl honestly, and was always happy to have her over to play on the farm and with the animals.

    She just, she needed a little break. No one went into the cellar but her, and it was where she kept everything. A little deal with the Witch from the Swamp (a hurt, sometimes acidic woman that she honestly jived with so well) meant her casks, kegs and processors were much faster than they should be. The Witch preferred Crystal Fruit Wine and got a regular shipment of it out of the deal. She herself got a fast way to process her farm goods into artisan goods, and get her wine and cheeses up to high quality fast. Easy money, constant supply. She opened her eyes and looked around the cellar. Neat rows of casks made up the bulk of the room, chests and shelving units to organize the wine, the cheese. Juices went upstairs and straight to the fridge to either drink, gift or sell.

    Shane wouldn’t be back for a while. She could go see the Witch and they could drink wine and talk about all their deeper problems that they couldn’t share with anyone else. Sneak the back route to the Mountains and the Bathhouse, Linus was probably out foraging so no one would see her. Yeah…Sounds like a plan.

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