Modding Help Would it be possible to make a monster breeding mod?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Nenseki, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Nenseki

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    Here's my dilemma, Not even a short while ago I accidentally trashed my beloved Large flyer pet (This is not him, The body is right but the coloration and skill is wrong) It was a total accident on my part, I had meant to summon him from my inventory but I was tad too quick to click as my courser just happened to mouse over the trash icon, I noticed a split second too late and he was gone forever.
    I had found him in a dark glitch keep and he had been accompanying me across the universe ever since, Me playing music on my various instruments, him destroying anything that dares look at me funny.

    Naturally distraught I tried everything I could, the first thing of-course was looking for a way to retrieve trashed items, no such luck as everywhere I looked said it was impossible, next I looked for a way to spawn in a replica, if I couldn't have the original surely having the exact copy of him would suffice correct? Well I thought so, but looking online once again once to no avail. Mods were and obvious next choice out of desperation, but even outside of steam I found nothing about it, the only thing I found was something that came up repeatedly, the admin command of spawning in monsters, it said I could add variables but know nothing on my own about coding and not finding the resources to do what I wanted online (spawning in specific monsters) I did what any reasonable (read: hysterical) person would do, I spent the next several hours grinding this command trying to find my dear friend once again (or at least something close), I quickly learned that not all abilities are made the same and my pet was born with a VERY powerful one.

    All this got me thinking, and finally we arrive at my original question, Would it be possible to simply breed the traits into my pets? could I take two of my monsters and interchange or combine certain features such as coloration, body parts, or skills?
    For example; say I wanted to take the skill of this one (A very strong blue flamethrower)
    but have the coloration of this one;
    Would it be possible to make a mod like that? Or even possible to simply spawn as a normal mob?
    Ideally I'd like to make a mode it which the following was possible:
    Pet breeding
    Pet riding
    Pet Naming
    Pet customization (Clarification. Pet accessories.)
    And Pet Training (I think if I made a collar that gained levels and stats in which it imparted onto the pet it would work just as well, perhaps even making the collar augment-able so you don't lose out on those cool effects)

    So I'm asking if such things would be possible to even make in the first place, and if so where I should start learning about how to make it.
    Also if it's possible to just spawn an exact monster in through the console commands in the meantime I'd be VERY happy.
    Help me be reunited with my not so little friend so we can adventure together again...
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  2. AlbertoRota

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    I'm now doing exactly that.

    Color is not a problem, is controlled by "colors" parameter (Example - colors:garden), so that one is easy.
    Attack/abilities are easily doable too.

    But I'm having problems with the "parts" (Head, body, wings, etc)
    I've posted a question here:
    As soon as someone help me with that, I will finish the mod :nurutease:

    You should start here:
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  3. Zavender

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    Take a look at this mod. Something like this may be easily made, as long as (and I'm assuming here, you could go and check capture pods to see if this'll work) you can get the monster's seed and determine which bits are which, you could do something similar. Two monster of the same type, then you get to choose (or not, have it be random! Make 2 versions of the mod, one random one you choose, up to you I guess) what properties the new monster keeps/loses, while stats are either preserved or (rarely) increased (to give "breeding" an appeal for those who might already have the "perfect pet").

    Creative use of the character creation menu and such would make this quite the popular mod (I'd assume), go for it.
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  4. Nenseki

    Nenseki Void-Bound Voyager

    Multiple monsters with similar or the same attributes? Ah... well I did pick up 20 or so monster with the same head... I think It could be arranged to try and find similarities in the seed

    As it turns out it's more or less random.
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  5. Zavender

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    Well I'd hope so, it is a PRNG based game yaknow.
    It may be a good idea to get some people together and see if ya can't tear into the seed's generation, change it bit by nit until yaknow whats doing what.

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