"Wormholes" Star systems

Discussion in 'Planets and Environments' started by Ludovic, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Ludovic

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    A recent thought I had reading another thread in this forum.... but what about a Black Hole/specifically "Wormhole" star system?

    Specifically a rare star system that could, alongside other thing, house potentially rare/unique world types(space stations anyone? I felt that "death stars-grade derelict abandonned/ruined space station" might be a -most- interesting world type. Double moreso if it is populated by the scavenger/junker-style descendants of the remnants of the original crew.

    Also, wormholes not being stars it would make them perfect for midnight planets as a way to further explain their lack of sunlight(wormhole itself no giving off light). In fact, potentially perhaps that ALL worlds orbiting a wormhole, even those from more "normal" biomes, could be stuck in eternal night.

    More importantly.... the wormhole itself could be traveled to in ship. However, rather than allowing you to orbit around the wormhole, travelling to it would immediately take you -inside- the wormhole.... and thus relocate you to another(linked) wormhole across the galactic map.

    A way, though uncontrolled by the player until they start getting an handle of where each known wormhole leads to, to cross large distances on the galactic map without spending tons of fuels for it. Some other rare/nonstandard(that is, which don't fit in the eccentric/radioactice/frozen/burning stars formula) star systems might only be found around some of the wormholes out there.

    I expect such stuff to only be possible after 1.0 is finished, but I cannot help but feel it would be very fun as a mechanic alone.
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    Sounds like a good idea. Also, I'm all for artificial worlds or derelict space stations :D
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    Im up for this too. nice idea!:nuruwink:
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