World of Warcraft, after a 2 year hiatus.

Discussion in 'Games' started by Xylia, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Xylia

    Xylia Cosmos Killer

    So, during some insane boredom of a family member and I decided to revive our accounts. I've been inactive since Mid-Warlords a bit over two years ago, and she's been inactive for more than three, since not that long after Siege of Orgrimmar was released.

    And wow. Lots of changes. I expected this, some are good some are... not so good.

    First, let's start with the good:

    1). Combat seems faster-paced, but then perhaps that's because I've been used to playing games with much slower combat.
    2). Graphics seemed to have gotten an overhaul, though I had to bump the settings down on family member's computer because it couldn't handle it.
    3). Some classes, such as Rogue have received very fun and interesting changes. Outlaw, from what I've seen thusfar, is far better than Warlords Combat was, and I used to think that was rather fun.
    4). All crafting materials stack to 200 now!? *squeee*
    5). No more glyphs (other than cosmetics). Yay!
    6). Transmog collections!? Awesome! Transmogs are now account-wide!? *Mind=Blown* There's previews of transmogs in-game without the need of memory-hogging addons? I just don't know what to say!

    Now, for some of the bad...

    1). No ability to auto-hide Completed Quests from the objective list, and now quests say "Ready for Turn In" *sigh* No, really? I didn't know I completed that quest. Such a stupid change.
    2). Keyboard Turning is now even more annoying. No, Blizzard, I don't want to be forced into mouse-turning. Sorry, I don't. Stop making things more annoying for me. Now my character refuses to reset her pitch when making contact with the surface of the water. *sigh* Don't get why they felt they had to change that. Now my character is constantly diving and it makes doing anything near water deep enough to swim in very annoying.
    3). Having to download 100MB of data every time a patch comes out, regardless of its size. This seems horribly inefficient and redundant. 32MB Patch? Download 77MB of index tables and 32MB of patch manifest.... okay, now we can download the actual 32MB patch. Uh? Okay?

    And one thing I'm on the fence about:

    Everything is SO FREAKING EASY. Seriously. Took a Lv90 hunter wearing mostly Timeless Isle stuff (upgraded with Burdens of Eternity) and proceeded to roflstomp the bulls up on the ridge (the ones that used to insta-kill you) and even pulled Huolon (that dragon everybody wanted for its mount). Killed it AND two bulls simultaneously.

    Then I start a new character, another hunter, and she's Lv16 in the barrens one-shotting Lv17-18 enemies. Okay? I'm not even wearing heirlooms. In fact, I purposefully chose not to wear heirlooms because everything is so freaking easy. So I decided to try Lv100 content... and only died a couple times while dong Lv100 quests only because I pulled obvious "DON'T SCREW WITH THIS" huge elite mobs. Still managed to kill two of those and 3-4 other guys before finally dying, and I probably could have survived if I had more practice with my class at the time (Ret Paladin).

    On one hand, it's fun to just steamroll everything and just walk ontop of your corpses as they fall in front of you, but yet on the other hand, my characters have abilities I never even need to use. My Lv16 hunter uses nothing but Cobra Shot, even though she has Dire Beast, and Kill Command... why do I need those? *POOF!* mob's dead before my pet even gets to attack it. It gets a little repetitious after awhile of doing nothing but hitting one button and waiting a second before walking up to it and looting it.

    So yah, there's my first impressions gathered over 2-3 play sessions over as many days.
  2. Roskii Falfeather

    Roskii Falfeather Ketchup Robot

    I quit during the Burning Crusade
  3. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Black Hole Surfer

    I'm somewhat a melee addict in this game, so the melee subclass for the hunter was awesome for me x)
  4. George

    George Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    It's all about the end-game raiding ;)

    I don't currently play WoW but I love legion as a whole, I think they've done a stellar job with endgame content - particularly the systems in place to make sure that casuals can sufficiently keep up with the hardcore players in terms of gear and progression
  5. Xylia

    Xylia Cosmos Killer

    The problem I have with Legion, though is despite how well set up it is, there's just too much demon this, demon that, demon demon demon.

    You'd think eventually they would find something else for us to fight. That's why I loved MoP so much... the Mogu and Sha were something different, though I very literally groaned and rolled my eyes when the trolls broke into the scene during Kun-Lai Summit questing... I was like "ugh, REALLY!?"

    Why'd they have to go and ruin a perfectly good questline by re-introducing the already over-used trolls, and the way they did it, felt very shoehorned.

    But ya, I have absolutely zero interest in more demons. I'm tired fighting demons. Gimme something new for once.

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