World of Entangled Stories achievement bug in Inmost

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    Hi, I have recently played Inmost. I loved it so i decided to unlock all the achievements. i'm sorry my English can sound weird but i hope is understandable. (I'm playing on PC via steam)

    I have finished the game 3 times: the first time pushing away unintentionally the cat from the beginning, but i never came back to see him again so when the "World of Entangled Stories" achievement was not given to me i though that i should have talked to him after saving him. The second time completing the game i didnt save the cat so the monster killed him and late in the game I unlocked the "Have you seen him?" achievement as intended.
    The problem came when i specifically tried to unlock the "World of Entangled Stories" achievement. I saved the cat at the start, and during the game I came back twice to check if he was alive or had something to say to me (the first time he thanked me and the second he was already gone). I thought the things were going as they should be but when i arrived where the cat's family is located and talked to them, I didnt get the "World of Entangled Stories" achievement.

    I don't know if i missplayed or if there were any conditions i did wrong so i came here for some advice. Sorry, again, for my English and thanks for reading
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