RP World of Death

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    A strange planet next to the star Alpha IV, Is said to contain treasurer for those how are brave of heart, and death for those who are unworthy. This Planet has a vary hostile environment, dry and aired, and is said to be a home for the evilest of creatures, thus the planet has been named "World Of Death". Many who come to the planet, either forced or volunteered, are never seen again. It is said that 5 Heros brave of heart and pure of soul will be able to find the greatest treasurer of all, The Five Gloves of Power. will you be able to tame this evil world?

    Applications: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/applications-for-the-rp-world-of-death.32532/

    GM :cederjack

    codwin123 as Gavin Laythen
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    In the skies over The World of Death, Gavin Laythen's ship suddenly bursts into flames as it enters orbit. As he crash lands, he is left with only a nano saber and a cheep pistol. He has two options, search his destroyed spaceship for any more items, or to forge on and seek shelter.

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