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    Tad bit to add.

    I haven't sketched it yet to see how it would look, but I think it would be fitting for harpies to have a more yellow skin tone. Not like Simpsons yellow, but a more stereotypical Asian yellow. Maybe just a hint of yellow. Maybe snowmen could be a bit of a palish blue, very white blue. Pale white blue? Eh, harpies like feathers, wights like fur, and snowmen in the west will pretty much be vikings. All Malum already have horns now, so they don't need horned helmets, they just need helmets that accommodate for their horns.

    Also, I got a bit of inspiration from the greek methos where the "moving stars" where their gods flying in the night sky, so they named the moving stars after them. I would like to do a similar thing where moving stars are discovered and recorded in the night sky above planet Haventnamedityet and discovered that they are not stars, but the goddesses personal worlds. So the nodes will be changed from portals to pocket dimensions to portals to the goddesses personal worlds which is where the magical energy flows out from. I guess this is only necessary if I for some reason decide that the energy is consumable in a defiance of Newton way.
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    In the middle of rewriting some things, mainly logs and bios. When thinking about some things, I still can't help but get stuck at a fork in the road. It often leads me to create different models just to see how they would make the universe behave. I have a few right here, as some things have gotten me to consider other things differently. In regards to magic, I have two models.

    Faithful Model
    There are 12 flavors of elements, with arcane and void serving as wild-cards. Energy is everywhere, but its flavor is dependent on the environment.
    Adaptive Model
    There are only two types of energies, regular energy and void energy. Energy is everywhere, and elements are just flavoring for energy that will help dictate how it behaves.

    In regards to races, I have two models as well.

    Adaptation Model
    All of the races are humanoid, but can transform parts of their body with blessings from certain goddesses.
    Mythological Model
    All races are true to their mythological inspirations. Mermaids have the lower body of a dolphin and Angels have large cumbersome wings.

    In regards to elements, I also have two models.

    Divided Model
    There are 12 flavors of elements, each with their own type of magic and goddess.
    Simple Model
    Returns the elemental system back to something closer to what it originally was. Combines fire and light, and divides death among dark and gale.

    It helps me to write about these as it allows me some insight on how they might actually work. I feel off today, like I can't focus or think properly, and I think it is hurting my ability to express myself. I will have to be weary. I guess this is what happens when you force yourself to write creatively.
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    I am right now trying to give the goddesses and races more definitive personalities, as well as a better grasp on appearance. I want the goddesses and their races to behave like their element would suggest, examples being the Ignis and her Salamanders being hot-heads. Salamanders are, as already stated, have a weakness to water, but what water does to them is actually quite interesting. If a Salamander is doused in water then they will become completely pacified, weakened, and timid. It is better described as their fire being put out, but it will return as they dry. Fire type spells, as destructive as they are regarded, can also not be cast if the caster or arcane items become doused. The same also goes for Snowmen and Mermaids, with Snowmen overheating more easily and Mermaids freezing more easily than other races. I want to portray Vita like a sort of Mother Nature, but crossed with Natural Selection. Vita would be the goddess to look on an antelope, being eaten by a lion, and say "Isn't nature beautiful?" Yesss, same goes for her Nymphs as they will be her protectors of nature, but of course not afraid to utilize it like any other race. Finally I have been playing with the Horned Malum concept and have decided that each race will have a set tail and horn texture, but not necessarily horn shape. I want each Malum race to have horns that will reflect horned wildlife from their respective environments. This spoiler here will be filled with images of horned animals and drawing templates that I like.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] Tails: 1 sorta, 2 sorta, 3 yes, 4 sorta, nothing else.
    Imps will not feature natural horns, as they will be more demonic themed. Sorta classic imp/oni/demon.
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    Finished rewriting the goddesses and elements section and replaced the monsters and creatures section with a rough time line.

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