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    Sebastian's so spooky because of that hoodie. That hoodie, I tell you!!!!

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      Yes, but you love him. Maybe your love will heal him

      Maybe he'll casually suggest you wear his hoodie one day, and when you put it on, IT COSUMES YOUR SOUL!
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      • MagicallyClueless

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        i need to draw this
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          You need to draw this :paper:
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          • Borodin

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            Ghosts start showing up at 51, and keep at it through level 90. I use them to farm solar essence. They also seem to carry around numerous copies of just two of the Dwarven scrolls. I've no idea why. Possibly they were all door-to-door salespeople at one time, and are therefore naturally cursed to carry their product and attempt to sell it in deserted places after death.
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            • MagicallyClueless

              MagicallyClueless Master Astronaut

              For whoever mentioned the shipwrecked ghost that gives you the mermaid's pendant, and I feel stupid for not screencapping this

              but I talked to Elliot in the library and he said that a long time ago, there was a shipwreck on the beach with lots of plundered gold

              so it makes me think it's that guy
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              • Irediel

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                I wanna go Zuzu City with Sebastian. ;) that's all I care about! I WANNA RELIVE THE 10-HEARTS EVENT AGAIN!
                • MagicallyClueless

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                  So, I've been utilizing the screenshot feature that Steam has to share stuff I think is interesting and relevant to this topic. I came upon this on the TV:


                  The mermaid's pendant is something I already know, blah blah... but two interesting things caught my eye-

                  "Gem Sea" I didn't know the ocean around SDV had a name!
                  "Every region seems to have their own custom, but it always has something to do with the beach or ocean." BRUH THAT'S SO NEAT. I wonder why marriage is linked to the beach or ocean? Maybe the jellyfish or the merpeople have something to do with the origin of marriage or binding lovers together
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                  • Gabaw

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                    This is way better than Soviets on the moon. I have a question though. Many in fact. What about the Wizard? It's mentioned by somebody, Lewis I think or Marnie, maybe even Robin, that Rasmodius just appeared one day perhaps also bringing the tower with him (though not clear about that). How are the junimos related to it all? The monsters, the magic? Are the junimos monsters? If the slimes are dead iridium people are the junimos the spirits of an ancient tribe in the valley? Also what is the wizard making in his cauldron and to what purpose is he making it? Is he much older than he looks, a potion of youth perhaps? Why do Evelyn and George not mention him as far as I know? Maybe they do, never got enough hearts.
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