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Discussion in 'Mods' started by CoyoteaVegas, Apr 28, 2018.

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    I'm working on a Wizard marriage mod, along the lines of Siv's Marriage Mod. (Using some of the files from there, actually.)
    So far, I've managed to:
    • Extend the dialogue -- I've something like 199 lines for him now, one for each weekday and heart level
    • Make custom child sprites (Like the Babies Look Like Spouses mod)
    Currently, I'm working on making heart events for 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 hearts. (I'm aware Siv's Marriage Mod has heart events for 8 and 10 hearts, but I'd like to have my own heart events. If I can. I'm pretty bad at event modding.) I have many other things I'd like to do in this mod, as well, but I've hit something of a wall, and need a few questions answered. I hope they aren't too dumb, and thanks ahead of time to anyone who answers; I really, seriously appreciate it. This mod is turning my hair gray...

    So, here are my questions:
    • Where is the wedding event file located? This sounds silly, but I've scoured Events and Festivals and there's no wedding file. Previously, I've seen mentions of wedding errors with these sorts of mods, and I'd like to crack open the file to see if I need to tweak something around in there.
    • If I'm hoping to give him a wedding outfit, should it be added to the WeddingOutfits.xnb in the Characters folder? The characters there seem to be their older versions so I just want to...check. And how could I go about making the game recognize that he has an outfit there?
    • How can I go about getting the Wizard to do chores around the farm? I just have no clue about this.
    • Is there anything else I need to do to make him weddable? Anything else you'd suggest my doing so that he's a Fleshed Out Marriage Candidate and not just an NPC set to be marry-able?
    While I'm here, I'd also like to ask what extra things people might want out of this mod. I'm honestly just doing it for myself, because I'm pretty thirsty for the enigmatic Wizard man, but I figure that while I'm at it I may as well make it fun for other people as well.

    I thought I might give him more post-marriage dialogue, cuz honestly, the lack of post-marriage shit always makes me want to just...not get married and stay dating forever. I might consider post-marriage events proper, eventually, if I even manage to survive making his heart events.

    I'm open to any comments or suggestions, and I feel I should mention that this is my first mod since I made a couple of (so, so bad) Neverwinter Nights mods as a kid. So I'm pretty clueless here.
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    • .Lavender.

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      • Do you need the event itself, or the dialogue? Unsure about the event, but the dialogue is in Strings > CSStrings
      • Wedding outfits go on their actual sprite sheet. IDK how the game picks which sprites to use - I want to say the very last three sprites?
      • Chores are handles automatically by the game.
      • To set him marriageable, make sure he has engagement and marriage dialogue. That, and checking him as datable is all thats needed.
      If you have further questions, feel free to ask!
      • elebuu

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        ...............*scoots closer* Out of sheer curiosity do you happen to be working on this still :0 I'm most interested in the additional heart events and post-marriage dialogue/behaviours part.
        • CoyoteaVegas

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          I am, actually!!
          I'm a full time student, even right now during summer, so it's pretty....slow going right now, but I'm still working on this mod, and have reached most of my goals. I don't think I can give an estimate for when exactly I'll be releasing it, but I honestly don't think the date is far. : ))
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          • elebuu

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            That's awesome! Take your time, I've always felt summer courses tend to be extra demanding per daily basis. <3
            • elebuu

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              HNRH OKAY major apologies for the double-post but--will this change any of his default dialogue, or is it strictly going to be additive? :0 <3
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                Oh I'd also really like to get this mod !!

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