RELEASED Wizard - Gandalf the Gray portaits

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Toumato, Mar 6, 2016.

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    "Fly you fool"

    Download Link:!fpJjSZ4R!sq3fZwOsvclw60fS8PxuccdIjGAV1fY57thGnR419Sc

    I was just testing to try mod the portraits, seems to be working well.
    How to install:
    go to your game installed dictonary
    - go to stardewvalley\content\portraits
    - make sure back up the original first
    - and paste the wizard.xnb into that folder
    - done
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    • cantorsdust

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      Added to mod list!
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      • Xerxius

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        I won't use this when I'm playing, but I laughed when I saw this. I'm so happy that this exists. ♥
        • Toumato

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          LMAO YEEE For fun xD
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          • Afterscore

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            We need more of this kind of mod.
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            • Toumato

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              Woooo thanks! :D
              • StardewLaunchPlayer

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                This is hilarious. Thank you for the laugh! I'm sharing this with others.
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                • Toumato

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                  NPNPN Have fun! :D
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