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    A happy 2019 to you all!

    (Party-popper emoji, party-popper emoji, confetti emoji, dog emoji, etc)

    I'm starting off the year by adding a feature I've wanted for quite a while. If you've played Baldur's Gate (or adventure games, for that matter) you'll be familiar with objects in the scenery which can be clicked in order to give a small text blurb.


    Joe/Rob can fix it up when they return, as I'm not yet familiar with the UI/text systems. Hence, why it's so dang big. Oh well.

    I've also been making solid progress blocking out dungeons and other environments, taking paper-based level designs and putting them into the engine, testing them, etc.

    Progress (since Jan 1st):
    - 7 more levels imported, blocked out, populated with events, spawners, etc.
    - 1 new NPC interaction.
    - Info clicks added (pictured above).
    - Optimised several existing tilesets and levels.

    P.S. In 2018 we posted 74 Dev Blog entries. Not that the number makes up for the lack of Kickstarter news. We'll get on that ASAP.
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