Dev Blog Witchmarsh: Daily Update #76

Discussion in 'Developer Updates' started by Flapdoddle, Aug 2, 2018.

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    Hey everyone,

    Keeping it brief today. We've just finished our weekly work drive and lots of new progress to report.


    This Week's Progress:
    - (Joe) Fixed several environmental bugs relating to backgrounds and fog.
    - (Joe) Fixed a level-switching bug.
    - (Joe) Fixed a crash.
    - (Joe) Tileset polish.
    - Finished a key scene in the script.
    - 5 new levels mapped out.
    - 1 level polished, new set-pieces added.
    - Around 30 new items added to the game (placeholder functionality).
    - The Scribe is playable again! He's still missing some of his animations, but these should be added soon.
    - 1 new magical ability (another acid one, done with these for now!).
    - Added a number of status effects throughout the game (stuns, poisons, slows, etc).
    - Added a number of items with previously un-used mechanics (melee attack reach, attack speed, etc).
    - Fixed a bug with the collision boxes.

    - Worked more on the namegem .... speaking of:


    Thanks for reading!
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      Digging the interface!
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        Heck yeah, Scribe is back.

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