Dev Blog Witchmarsh: Daily Update #67

Discussion in 'Developer Updates' started by Flapdoddle, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Flapdoddle

    Flapdoddle Witchmarsh Developer Developer

    Hey everyone,

    Hope you had a nice weekend! This week I'm focusing on a series of dialogue events. The events in question make up one of the major crossroads in the early-mid game, so it's a pretty big task.

    In addition to this I've been developing some new NPC encounters and drafting them out. Today's dialogue snippet is from a cocktail party guest:


    And a little back and forth between an Uncle and Nephew.


    It might just be possible to reconcile the two, so keep an eye out. ;)

    Today's progress:
    - 2 new NPC encounters.
    - Progress on a major story event.
    - Something fairly secret to do with cakes.
    • fragile ego

      fragile ego Yeah, You!

      just wondering, is there going to be an ability to respec
      • Flapdoddle

        Flapdoddle Witchmarsh Developer Developer

        Currently: no. Maybe if the suggestion comes up enough in beta testing we'll look into it. :)
        • ares5566

          ares5566 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          What's the leveling structure like? Is there a cap? is it skill trees or stats? Is xp handed out for grindable tasks or is it resource based rewards for doing things/loot?

          Also it's hard to say without knowing the game's current structure but respeccing often ruins these systems and removes the weight of player choice.

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