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Discussion in 'Developer Updates' started by Flapdoddle, May 11, 2018.

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    Greetings investigators,

    Today I've been continuing this week's progress on the minor landmarks of Witchmarsh, as well as the various NPCs about town.

    Although some characters will always be standing in the same spot with each playthrough, we'll also be mixing things up with random encounters and events. Our goal is to make Witchmarsh feel like a lively New England town in the latter half of the 1920s.

    Unlike larger studios who can create sprawling open areas, however; we're required to lean heavily on writing, in addition to Weston and Joe's tremendous pixel art. Nevertheless, I think we'll be successful.

    [NOTE: Old Artwork - we have newer, retouched backdrops ready to go into Game Maker] Weston's pixel architecture.

    Today's progress:
    - 3 new NPC encounters.
    - 1 small new scene drafted.
    - Spent some time editing old content - re-writing, proofreading, tidying things up.
    - More character development and additions to the 'word banks' of the various key NPCs.
    - Researched cakes.

    Thanks for reading. I'm going to get some cake.
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    • Flapdoddle

      Flapdoddle Witchmarsh Developer Developer

      All good stuff. If we ever make a follow-up set in the UK we can have Knocker-ups, too.
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        Captain Rage Phantasmal Quasar

        Oh, haha, that's actually funny. I had no idea that it used to be a thing. Well, atleast the people of today might have laugh thinking about it.
        Note to self: watch a movie about the 1920's.

        And regarding:
        A well designed user interface coupled with descriptive dialogues is better than any fancy graphics. I believe that is why we tend to remember older games so fondly, and prettier than they might have been, thanks to their 'open ended' graphics and well written and descriptive texts. Compare Baldur's Gate II and its rather simple but artistic graphics and vivid dialogues with any newer AAA and all that will remain in your memory of the latter will be a blur, regardless of how well it looked or how recently you played it. The overall presentation of the world in the former example was superbly executed; ambient music, text and graphics and suble details were always on cue.
        I think that Witchmarsh will hit the nail when it comes to setting the amosphere. The graphics pleasing, minimalistic and yet very readable and also leave of room for our brains to fill in the rest. We're looking forward to it!
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          Thank you for staying commited to the devblogs. I personally have been excited for this game for years (i think i heard about it in 2015). I'm going to instantly buy this for myself and my party of friends who i will force to play with me. Keep up the good work guys! :)
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