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Discussion in 'Developer Updates' started by Flapdoddle, Feb 10, 2018.

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    Hey everyone,

    This week we've added a feature that's been eluding us for some time: character-specific dialogue choices in cutscenes.

    Dialogue scenes now allow for specific characters to speak up, or have unique actions at certain moments. These choices will be hidden unless the character is in your party (and alive).
    • Example of how we could use this: Let's say you're talking to an NPC, and you suspect them of stealing a piggybank. If you have the Moose on your team, you could have them pick the guy up and shake him to see if he jingles.
    Also, if you're playing as a solo Moose or Guardian - or if they're the last living investigator on your team - alternate versions of cutscenes/dialogue sequences will play. These will be largely the same, with a few new lines of NPC dialogue, and with all of the player choices re-written. We singled out these two as they're the most distinct of the investigators, but we'll add support for more as we progress.

    In other news, I've decided to take on making an old-school game manual; the kind filled with lore and nuggets of flavour text. This was inspired by our memories of buying classic RPGs (Wizardry 8, Baldur's Gate, Ultima, etc) and reading the booklets on the ride home.

    Here's a quick peek at the contents page:


    (Note: I've since changed 'Factions and Power Dynamics' to the much clearer 'Factions and Secret Societies'.)

    Today's progress:
    - Solo versions of 3 dialogue scenes created (Moose and Guardian).
    - Worked on the game's A-Z Glossary (found in-game, as well as in the manual).
    - Worked on the 1920s glossary of words and phrases, found in the manual's Roleplaying section.
    - 2 pages of rough copy for the manual (Lore and zone overviews).
    - Worked on the various spellbooks.

    P.S. Speaking of lore in the manual, we hope you like it weird.


    So long for now, have a splendid weekend! :)
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      I've been away for the past month, but I am very happy to come back and see this. This is seriously awesome. Can't wait to try out the possible team compositions and see wich character specific interactions I find :D

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