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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WelshPixie, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Cool thread. So do we roleplay here or something?
  2. It's for writers to introduce themselves and talk about their story or whatever. A chat thread for fanfiction writers, I guess, although the Literature subforum does this job a lot better imo.
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    OH, well in that case let me introduce myself.

    My name is macodelo, and I am writing an ongoing fanfic of my adventures in Starbound. My protagonist and actual permadeath character, an Apex rebel named Beardleon (for better lack of a name), is one of the many that escaped the wrath of the Miniknog threat after a failed attempt to overthrow Big Ape. Well we all know what happens next, just like any space explorer of Starbound, but for Beardleon he decided to record his adventures in a log book. His (my) adventures are based on my gameplay experiences, but it is quite remarkable that despite what I do, the story tend to fall into place, therefore, bloom like the story itself is its own organism.

    It is my first fanfic attempt, and perhaps going to be my only one so far unless: my character dies, a wipe (ugh), or someone (something) decides to smash my computer. Otherwise, permadeath makes an excellent experience because survival with rewards are what fuels my story.

    Feel free to read it here at the link, and please critique it however you like (keep it peachy):

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    Oh, believe me, I've learned my lesson.
    Anyways, Ava'yorn.
    I'm fairly new to writing, as I've only just started this 'year,' (not even a full 365 days) but, I figured, this place, or the place where I actually upload my stories, would be good locations to receive constructive criticism. (The best kind of criticism) It's a pleasure to meet you all, and I cannot wait to see what you all come up with.
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    Keep up the nice work here. Lots of promising stories and a great environment to practice your writing skills. Congratulations to all mods and posters in this section. @nababoo is correct! Do not type a large story in this small text field. Use wordpad, or word if you have it.

    Many wonderful ideas and much genius prose have been lost to the world through accidentally deleting or closing a window prematurely. Do it outwith the forum and always remember to backup what you are writing.
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    One nice tool I like to use when writing my poems is "WriteMonkey". Really full-screen editor - nothing there to cause distractions <3

    Oh and to introduce myself: I am Ralf from Germany, somewhat old now (52) and I have started to write poems in 2006. Most of my poems are in German (which is my own language) and about a sad subject (pregnancy/infant loss). From time to time of course there are other things I like to write about - like Starbound ;). Writing in English is challenging, but fun. And it is a good chance to improve my English skill.
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    @ Skydart.. Thanks for your post. Always interesting to hear the backgrounds of the forum members. I am old, but like you, not too old to enjoy this experience.

    Sorry to hear about your sad subject. A very difficult thing to deal with. If you can articulate that in poetry, I salute your courage and hope that this touches other affected. I don't know how poetry translates from German to English, but you would never guess you were not a native English speaker. Good work!
  8. skydart

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    Thank you for your nice words!

    Simply translating poems from German to English wouldn't work well, so when I tried to translate some of my poems, it was like writing it new. So it is always a nice way for trying to think in English :)
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  9. Starbug

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    hehe.. Yes, indeed! It is great practice. Your English is very good!
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    Is it illegal to add illustrations next to your writing?
  11. You can synthesize however many forms of media you desire into your work.
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    Rule #11 STOP FRIKKIN TAUNTING THE FLORANS FOR BEING PLANTS eventually your gonna hit the teleport button too late and both of you will be on the ship and now everyones been eaten GJ idoit
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    Is this thread dead? Because it doesn't look like it had a shortage of interesting posts, but then all of a sudden no one posted anything.

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