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    EDIT: I've just been in contact with ParadigmNomad and he is currently working on a mod with some other modders with a lot of the stuff in this mod, so I have erased those items. Ignore what I said about fermentation :D Now that my workload has been decreased though, I am interested in adding in some more artisan goods content into this mod.

    Hello my fellow farmers! Ever since I began playing Stardew Valley, I've always been impressed how Eric put so many options for fermentation and artisan goods in--pale ale, beer, mead, wine, juice...but I always felt that there was SO much more that could be put in. Like, we should have Ice Cream in the game! We can do better! I've been programming since September 2016, and I've recently been looking into mods and started constructing some basic code and design. However, I suck at art, and I would love some great artists to help collaborate on this mod, because, c'mon, I'm not smart or creative enough to do this mod by myself. In addition, I'd really like to share this experience with some other people. I'm mainly looking for artists to help out with sprites, but if there are any coders that have experience with creating custom machines, I would love for more hands on deck.

    In addition, if you choose to contribute to this project, your code or sprites are YOUR property and they are YOURS to choose what to do with.

    I'm also currently attempting to contact mizujakkaru (visit her post at https://community.playstarbound.com/threads/mizus-sprites.136549/#post-3209990) to see if she would like to help create some more sprites for this mod.

    One last thing: this mod will have a few dependencies, those being:
    Platonymous' Custom Farming Redux
    ParadigmNomad's More Trees and More Fruits and Veggies Mods
    spacechase0's JsonAssets

    Here are a few of the concepts I have out there:

    I want to expand upon the pepper selection in the game so here are some ideas

    Ghost Pepper
    Carolina Reaper
    Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Pepper
    Scotch Bonnet

    I also definitely want to add the ability to craft Hot Sauce using Diluted Extract (see below in "Machines")
    (most of these recipes are some of my favorite hot sauces irl)

    Blueberry & Ghost Pepper
    Serrano & Basil
    Green Dragon Sauce
    Habanero & Pineapple
    Jalapeno & Ghost Pepper
    Death Sauce
    Ginger & Scotch Bonnet
    Habanero & Coffee
    Carrot Top
    Tequila Jalapeno
    Serrano & Mango

    I DEFINITELY want to expand upon the cheese aspect of the game. There is SO much to be expanded upon besides just "cheese" and "goat cheese."

    Brie (Goat Brie or Cow Brie)
    Pepper Jack
    Monterey Jack
    Queso Quesadilla
    Cream Cheese

    I will be using Mizu's Glass Jar ( [​IMG]) to make Kombucha. This will require much more tea recipes. Keep in mind that I am not using Mizu's Kombucha sprites because Kombucha is not made using Mushrooms, so this mod will not have mushroom-based kombucha.

    I would also love to add Ice Cream to the game. An Ice Cream maker would be the machine, obviously, and you would be able to make basic ice cream by just sticking in Milk. There would be recipes to make things like chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream, and more by using the base ice cream.

    My plan is to also expand the mill to make more types of flowers and sugars out of different grains and sweet crops.

    My final two machines are a Cheese Crafter, and a Pepper Expresser. The Cheese Crafter will essentially allow you to craft more cheeses by feeding it a certain cheese, which will turn it into other cheeses. This will essentially make a "cheese evolving" system. The Pepper Expresser will allow you to make Diluted Pepper Extract, which you can use to make Hot Sauce.

    I would love to add an Artisan Goods Shop with a crafting NPC near the Train Tracks, but that could be a whiles away. I've got to learn how to make crops and machines better first, and then learn how to use CustomNPCS after that.

    Also adding a new carpentry building that would allow you to store different Artisan Goods on shelves with a preset organization system would be REALLY nice.

    If you would like to contact me and help with this project, feel free to contact me via Discord (@DaBrixster#8534) or my professional email (please do not send spam or non-professional-related emails) at brixsterprogramming@gmail.com.

    I would love more help on this project, specifically sprites. Thanks for reading!
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