Winter wear and Rain gear

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Would you like to see NPCs dress to suit the weather?

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  1. jacknurse

    jacknurse Void-Bound Voyager

    Will we ever see an update where NPCs and/or the player will be dressing appropriately for the weather they are facing? I thought of it because Pam, come rain or snow will diligently stand by the bus stop waiting for her one and only passenger to want to go to the Calico desert. I like their default outfits, but I would like to see NPCs get into a coat or use an umbrella as soon as they leave their house.

    This could even extend to seasonal variances, but at the moment it seems half of Pelican town is dressed for Spring and Summer, and half are dressed for Autumn/Fall. No one is dressed for Winter.

    If this is not in the plans for future updates, does the game code allow for NPCs sprites/portraits to change when standing outdoors in certain weather conditions so that modders could implement something similar?
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    • Mythil

      Mythil Void-Bound Voyager

      Right now in my game it's fall, it's raining to death, and my character is just running around, with that poor t-shirt which could say "you're going to die little girl !!" (and I don't want her to die). So that could be a great improvement to see everyone getting dressed depending on the weather, like having a little umbrella whenever it's raining.
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      • Gracelessdance

        Gracelessdance Void-Bound Voyager

        I think this would be cute. For the Umbrellas the portraits could stay the same, just an added umbrella on the sprite. And all Winter everyone could have a Coat! And maybe new portraits? If you feel like it, I think it would be cute and awesome and Haley looks sooo cold.
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