RELEASED Willy Narrative Overhaul (Version 1.1 and French Translation Out now!))

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    The Willy Narrative Overhaul strives to make one of Stardew Valley's lackluster NPC to become a more fleshed out, three dimensional character.
    This includes things to say for every season, every day of the week, and every heart level. Overall, as of this writing, that's over 170+ lines of unique dialogue!

    I've applied my narrative design philosophy to make becoming friends with Willy a rewarding experience. He will reveal things about his past, his passions, his failures, and more.

    The goal was to create a character you look forward to talking to and seeing again. There is no cursing in this mod, as I've tried to make it Rated E.

    This mod includes the XNB file for Willy.

    How to install:

    Incredibly simple:
    1. Download
    2. Go to where you installed Stardew Valley.
    3. Go to Stardew Valley\Content\Characters\Dialogue
    4. Move the XNB file over and overwrite the old one.
    5. You're done!

    Q: Does it change what Willy says during events or rainy days?
    A: No, since those are extra files, for the time I've let them be.

    If you play this mod and like the writing and would like to see more, please let me know! I would love to continue, but I would like some feedback first.

    Thanks for choosing the Willy Narrative Overhaul!
    To reach me, message me here or at my e-mail at, and check out my site,!
    • Balentay

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      Ooh, I'm definitely trying this mod out! Willy is one of my favorites alongside Gus, so I can't wait to see what he has to say c:
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      • springacres

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        Willy's already at 10 hearts in my current save, but I look forward to seeing what he has to say in future. Thanks so much for the effort you put into this!
        • haywrites

          haywrites Big Damn Hero

          @springeacres I went ahead and made a special edition of my mod for people like you, Springacres! It's called the Perfect 10 Edition, and it's a best of mix of all the dialogue for every day of every season. That way, he will always have something new to say! I just uploaded it on the nexus page, so check it out if you get a chance!
          • haywrites

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          • tearful0eye

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            i've downloaded all your dialogue mods so far & since you asked for feedback, i will say this: WHEE this is awesome!! i was so bored by all the characters and their endlessly repeating sentences. now i at least have four characters i can get to know better.
            i haven't explored the dialogues fully, but willy really made me giggle with his love for tv. i had no idea! ;) but another thing about willy is that he always says the goodby line twice. i'm not sure why that's happening... it's not really a problem, but i thought you'd like to know.

            anyway i adore this mod & am definitely hoping you'll do more characters!
            • haywrites

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              Version 1.1 Available now!

              Patch Notes:
              -Fixed spelling errors.
              -Removed Spring Snapjaw (A fish that didn't exist) from Willy's Spring Dialogue. Was a bit more confusing than I hoped!
              -Added unique "Good Bye" sayings for each day of the week, including a unique good-bye for each day at the 10th heart level. No more infinite "See You laters!"
              -Changed all dialogue to continue on when initially talking to Willy, as opposed to be having to talk to him multiple times to see everything. This is more in line with my other mods that have come out since.
              -Couple dialogue changes here and there.

              Also, I've added a donation button on the Nexus page! If you like my work enough to support me, that would be above and beyond!
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              • haywrites

                haywrites Big Damn Hero

                Released today, the French Translation by the very talented Ipielle is out now!
                Just move the file where you would normally.
                Get it here! Click here!

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