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  1. Evris

    Evris Orbital Explorer

    I love this game my sister just shared it with me But i wanted to play with my buddie on steam
    well here is the problem You have to do a series of complicated things to set up a Private server
    i am only 12 and i have very little knowledge of stuff like ips ports stuff like that
    and since the game is coming out on the 22nd ppl will want to play with there friends without setting up
    a private server a more simpler way of playing with your friends (like terraria got a play via steam option in 1.3.0)
    So will starbound get a *Play via Steam* Option?


    PS will the price be higher when the game fully releases?
  2. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    You're in luck. The developers say they will add play-via-steam functionality, in this update i think. c:
    Also it's very unlikely that the price will rise, it's more likely to fall when it goes on sale. But if you've already bought the game before it's release you won't need to pay again for 1.0.
  3. Steam Play will be available on release and the price will NOT be increasing when the game leaves Early Access! :nuruwink:
  4. Evris

    Evris Orbital Explorer

    Thanks Izzabelle
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  5. No problemo!
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