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Closed Will beta immediatly be available to Mac users?

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Randomlamer, May 23, 2013.

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  1. Randomlamer

    Randomlamer Space Spelunker

    Ok so first off id like to say that this game looks totally amazing and am greatly anticipating its release :) Also like to apologize if this question has been answered already or i missed it in the one of the FAQ's or something. What I am wondering is if assuming i preorder which will get me access to to the beta will it be available on Mac at the same time it comes out on Windows or is the beta on coming out only on Windows at first? I know the FAQ says game will be released on Windows, Mac and Linux but in the past I have noticed games often only offer beta access to the platform it is being designed on(assuming its Win or Linux but I cold be wrong). Regardless cant wait for this game and keep up the good work thanks for your time.
  2. Starsly

    Starsly Big Damn Hero

    I believe someone somewhere said that they are developing it on all 3 platforms at once.
  3. As Starsly said, the game is actually developed on the 3 platforms at the same time (iirc Bart said on one of his stream that he was the only one coding on windows). Therefore I wouldn't be surprised if the beta would be available on the 3 platforms :3 . Also it should be logic to test all the platforms at the same time if you aim for a simultaneous release ;)
  4. Dzelda

    Dzelda Parsec Taste Tester

    And Tiy himself develops the game on a Macbook Pro. I assume he works on the system requirements end of the spectrum.
  5. KirasiN

    KirasiN Existential Complex

    Yep, Tiy is playing it on his macbook pro so it should be available on Mac at launch.
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