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RELEASED Wild Things

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Armed Mosquito, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. WanderingInsanity

    WanderingInsanity Big Damn Hero

    Alright. I wonder if I should simply just restart the universe? I have been thinking of it. I was hesitant though since I still wanted to transfer some items but I suppose I could spawn them in again? Although I guess I'll wait and see if there's a solution to this.
  2. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    If you are ok with loosing your worlds and stuff its probably not a bad idea during unstable, but the universe doesn't appear to be causing any issues for you according to the logs. However you may want to try removing the player folder under Starbound storage_unstable directory. Then try his mod out from a fresh start then you can rule out if its just your player data is corrupted or if its the mod, also perhaps trying with his mod installed then launching his character. That's all I can think of for now, if the problem persist after all this its likely the mod itself needs a fix. If its a comparability issue I won't know more on that until tomorrow setting up some web host stuff tonight however, it doesn't appear to be.
  3. WanderingInsanity

    WanderingInsanity Big Damn Hero

    Will removing the player folder get rid of everything? Like the items and progress? I'm just wondering about that and all
  4. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Yes you will loose anything related to your character removing player folder on all characters. Progress to inventory the whole nine yards. You can back your data if you'd like to just try things by just copying and pasting the data you delete such as player/universe/starbound.config
  5. WanderingInsanity

    WanderingInsanity Big Damn Hero

    I tried looking at the information in the player folder and that was all very confusing. Should I wait to see what teihoo has to say or delete the folder and see what happens?
  6. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    What you do is backup your things you wish to restore that's all. Before you go to teihoo I suggest you make sure to check his mod working on other characters, if you had the version from before then get an updated copy. You are not suppose to read into the data under the player/universe/starbound.config you can however back all of these up after your test you can restore. By backup I simple mean copy & paste those folders and file.

    Does this sound familiar to you towerverdance1? Appears something with that maybe a mod could be the direct cause to the game crash. Because its after this error your game fails to load more and breaks. So if that rings a bell its an item of some sort then remove that and try with that character that was causing issues.
  7. WanderingInsanity

    WanderingInsanity Big Damn Hero

    Oh yeah. That was a quest from a mod I deleted. It was extra dungeons. Apparently it's still in there after being removed from the folder. I guess my save got corrupted from that.
  8. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Hmm you could try to re add that mod then possibly so you can hop on your character and abandon the quest or something? That's probably what I would try if I wanted to retrieve it due to Starcheat not being replaced its tough to fix up corrupted saved now.
  9. WanderingInsanity

    WanderingInsanity Big Damn Hero

    Well I don't know how to abandon it since it's a mission you access from SAIL and I don't think you can abandon those.
  10. teihoo

    teihoo Ketchup Robot

    Looks like your char has equipped techs that you later removed from mods ... if you install tech mods, then first unequip all those custom techs from character. As I see from your log you have aquapod and flyingcarpet equipped:
    [23:36:05.774] Error: Could not instantiate item '[aquapod, 1, {}]'. (ItemException) No such item 'aquapod'
    [23:36:05.777] Error: Could not instantiate item '[flyingcarpet, 1, {}]'. (ItemException) No such item 'flyingcarpet'
    [23:36:05.782] Warn: Could not load tech module 'aquapod' reason: (TechDatabaseException) No such tech 'aquapod'
    Then uninstall the redpack mod, it should only pop a warning for missing tech maybe... but I haven't tested this yet.

    OK for your issues, I'd recommend you start fresh. Wipe universe and players folders, possibly some configs too. Start with fresh universe and character. I know this can be annoying a bit, but it seems that you were adding and removing mods - now your char stores information from the mods in the player file itself, and some are stored in the universe files (universe generation with modded items).

    So whenever you use any of these mods that alters one or the other, you'd possibly end up without access to that char, or have some weird issues in gameplay.
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  11. WanderingInsanity

    WanderingInsanity Big Damn Hero

    Ah okay. Thank you teihoo. I'll try to be more careful in the future. I'm just going to delete EVERYTHING in the storage. Play/universe/logs/config all of it.
  12. dimion123

    dimion123 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I second that. Tried to play with only this mod installed, and the crafting recipes for the mod's survivalist table includes a perfectly generic item (and also the reward for crafting one includes a bunch of those).

    Also (it's not a bug, just a point of view), I don't think that moving bandages to the survivalist crafting table is a good idea. It should stay in the default crafting, IMO. The recipe is rather basic, the effect of the bandage is small, and getting a bandage is a quest at the very beginning of the game (but a survivalist table recipe is rather complicated).

    Other than that, looks fantastic.
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  13. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    You bring up a valid point with the Survivalist Table and the complexity for giving such basics bandages however the table might not always be crafted in a server environment it can always be used by friend who might need a bandage. Also you should know that's not the goal of the medical section all bandages currently listed on the table are in place for me to work on the actual healing remedies and such. As you would in survival. Sorry for all of your encountering these issues..

    And as far as starting the quest to learn the Survivalist Table recipe you must first kill a Wild Thing, loot the carcass in which starts the quest. Or new players can start the quest via SAIL after rebooting the ship ai. I can assure you the bandage and other categories will start filling, the last update was a tidy up update.

    So what I did is created a quick update I got a few more things to check over but I fixed 3 quest with pgis, and 2 recipes with pgi. If you spot more I am more then happy to fix them just let me know.

    Thanks for the reports everyone find the update at http://mod.armedmosquito.com/WildThings/

    Version in your readme file should say or it should be beyond,
    You have the early access version of WildThings from 01-02-2015, 6:40:36.62

    Make sure inside your zip the version is from 1/2/2015 to be sure you got the above fix's also feel free and check daily log on the site for some details. If all goes well I will release a hotfix shortly. If someone can do me a favor and let me know if they find anything else with the version update above you will be helping me release a stable hotfix. And the value of that is highly appreciated.

    Perhaps with more hate on bandages I will move them out though, after all I am making this for you all. I will try and come out with some new nice medical stuff for #0.0.7 from there on out we can make changes with bandages.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2015
  14. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    The hot fix #0.0.6a is now out and download is using the same external link so no update is needed for a hot fix anymore. A hot fix being things that were left out or broken from a previous update. A content update will always include a number change on the version in other words #0.0.7 will be the next content update with alerts. And #0.0.6b would be the next hot fix update if it was needed without alerts.

    Armed Mosquito
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  15. darkmega

    darkmega Phantasmal Quasar

    Um. The version i downloaded just today is still needing perfectly generic items and giving generic items as the quest complete... Any ideas? Only other "big" mod I have in Megaman X Starbound... >_<
  16. apinanaivot

    apinanaivot Cosmic Narwhal

    desertnosebig.png nosebig.png slimebig.png I just made some pixel art. If you are interested you can use these in your mod, they just need some animation.
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  17. endlessmark

    endlessmark Phantasmal Quasar

  18. Kirbychwan

    Kirbychwan Void-Bound Voyager

    Please move bandages back to basic crafting. We spent over an hour trying to figure out which mod broke the basic game quest progression; and the game specifically tells you to craft the bandages by hand.

    Also, the Survivalist Table recipe also requires a broken item that's showing up as Generic.
  19. teihoo

    teihoo Ketchup Robot

    Hey guys, the last I've seen Armed, he said he got a sort of a new job or something like that :( So maybe it will take a while for the mod to update, if it will at all. Really not sure how much time and will @Armed Mosquito will have.
  20. Kirbychwan

    Kirbychwan Void-Bound Voyager

    Really? That's a huge shame, this mod looked pretty rockin'. :(

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