Why no playstation release?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pham, Apr 16, 2017.

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    What went wrong there?
    • ComatosePhoenix

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      I wouldn't read too much into it yet. PC and XBOX share a lot of resources so its 'relatively' easy to port the game. Nintendo Switch is the next big thing right now, so it makes sense to get ahold of that platform.
      I'd like to see a PS vita release personally, Gotta love them handheld strategy games.
      • Ludovic

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        Yup. The Switch is a pretty big console right now(and I really hope I can put my mitts on one soon, having tried a sibling's Switch more than a couple of times already. It's really a satisfying console to use.... and it's "gimmick" is possibly one of the most "quality of life" features I've ever seen in a gaming console throughout my whole gaming history. There's something to be said about a console that retain the flexibility of mobile gaming in one's busy life schedule, but also keep the ability to play from the comfort of the couch in those rare needed moments of rest one can get. That it "switch" so seamlessly between the two is just the icing on the cake)

        Plus both the Xbox and Playstation are currently "saturated" environments while Nintendo hasn't always been the environment most indies would think to release on.... even if games like Shovel Knight(being released on Nintendo and PC consoles first, and only later on PS/Xbox) proved that demand could still very much be there. And be a source of success considering the more limited competition.
        In fact, I'm not sure we'd have seen Xbox/Playstation versions of Shovel Knight if it had only released on PC. The "cycles" of popularity there go so fast that it'd likely have quickly been forgotten after some time... while on Nintendo it remained one of the most visible indie games on the Eshops for year, allowing it to grow it's base there as well and remain more visibly in the spotlight thanks to, well, featuring less competition and "cycling" of titles on the eshops than on Steam where a title can be quickly buried out of the collective consciousness by newer release without additional means to grab players attention and keep the spotlight.

        Plus, the Switch by it's nature is perfect for indies: The fact it can be played in portable mode and will benefit from a longer battery life when playing less demanding games is a perfect setup for indies who do not have to worry if they should release a portable or "home" console version... ontop of avoiding the "graphic tax" where "stronger" console may require you to try and go for higher levels of graphics to "justify" making your player buy that console horsepower you'd be releasing your game on.

        Sadly for a Vita version, unless the Switch's success gives Sony enough of a kick in the shin to recall it made the Vita in the first place.... I fear this one is almost a fish dead in the water since just marketing wise it sounds like Sony has long since forgotten it even is making the Vita in the first place. A Vita version could be fun for the players with ones, but with the more limited userbase(and specifically the fact it's seen little growth afaik), it's a much more risky proposition.

        Better first release on the platform that's currently boiling hot in demand and yet don't house a whole lot of competition yet, and then later see what other consoles it might be worth considering if that works out.
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        • Xacris

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          Yeah, the Switch is a good thing to bet on right now for anyone putting a game out this year. With the lack of games, Switch owners will jump on anything that looks even mildly entertaining just to justify buying the damn. thing. PlayStation does not lack for games, so it's just not as sure a sell on there.

          The Vita... Well, the Vita, if it wasn't obsolete before, it definitely is now that the Switch is on the market. Personally, I hope that a lot of the Vita franchises make their way to the Switch, 'cause it had a lot of good games. Mostly talking about the Hunting games like God Eater, Toukiden, etc.

          The thing with Indies is that if they're successful, they eventually end up on every platform that exists, ala Shovel Knight, Minecraft. So, I guess just hope that it's a great game and a PlayStation release will follow

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          Of course, it could be that the team can only spend so much time on porting right now. Developing on multiple platforms at the same time adds to the duration, and they probably want it out sooner rather than later, the better to capitalize on the Switch's game-hungry userbase

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          • thunderlight12

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            Yeah I wonder why? I hope they bring it to PS4!
            • Steelkenny

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              Maybe the game is Cross-Platform and Sony being Sony won't allow Cross-Platform.
              • blueYOSHI

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                Since we didnt receive any official answer, this could be possible because im sure Sony wont allow anyone to talk about this
                • paliscool

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                  It seems that the game will be on playstation as we can see in the description of this official video ;)

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                  • metalreflectslime

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                    I fear that Sony is against cross-platform play.

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