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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack Nevermore, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Jack Nevermore

    Jack Nevermore Void-Bound Voyager

    So, yesterday while starting my third year on the farm, I had this really touching scene at Grandpa's Shrine.
    My, I smiled like an idiot... I had a few other things that just made me feel happy out of... reasons. I'm not
    good at expressing such things, sorry.
    And then I thought, like the title suggests, that I'm so curious to hear,
    which scene or occassion while playing made you happy?
    At which of the many fun moments have you just sat there and smiled? Or just, which things do you like?

    Here's a few of mine:
    - my character leaving behind that enslaving company and start anew
    - that grandpa thing I mentioned above ( I don't want to spoil >.< )
    - when I was poor and just started the farm and found out, that half the village likes parsnip or even a simple little flower
    - my coop full of fluffy, fat animals making these typical sounds when petted (makes my laugh every day)
    - finding Sebastian, checking the social and realising he's single xD
    - really loving the fact, my tools don't break
    - being flashed by the cherry petal rain

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    • KoboltWolf

      KoboltWolf Subatomic Cosmonaut

      I've had a lot of moments! There's been several times where I just started laughing or squee'd.

      I love that there's just so much to do. At first I was all about the mine, which meant I crossed paths with Seb a lot. I actually hadn't planned on going after him but it just... clicked.
      The first time I made him blush? That was the first big moment in the game for me. Since then I -live- for it. I time my daily schedule so I can go run home to poke him when there's new dialogue xD!
      I'm actually glad I got to see before the latest patch too, when there was a lot more mush.

      I still haven't gotten to third year yet, I'm really taking my time. I bet I'll tear up there though.
      And yes! Every time there's the petals I just feel like it's a -good- day in the game. Makes me smile.

      Honestly? Just about every cutscene with a villager has made me insanely happy. The detail CA has put into this and how much love there is for this game just shows. I've bought this game for other friends and my little sister since we used to play HM: FoMT together, so now I have people to squee with xD It's just been wonderful to have. I can't thank CA enough.

      Uh, a more TL;DR and less ramble-infested version:

      - First time I made Seb blush
      - Getting married
      - Him talking about the rain and it feeling like we're all alone
      - Laughing about the Mayor's 'shorts'
      - Sharing the game with friends and family and getting to talk about how much fun it is
      - My guy's silly face during the flower dance
      - Just about every villager's cut scene makes me so happy
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      • Lanx12

        Lanx12 Ketchup Robot

        Way to many to list really I liked all the cutscenes I come across ther just so awesome... But I find myself smiling through alot of the game..And I don't smile alot often..
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        • Eirrinn

          Eirrinn Subatomic Cosmonaut

          It just amazes me how relaxed this game makes me, I have severe anxiety and depression, playing this game just makes my day.
          Everything in this game makes me happy
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          • Indigo Rose

            Indigo Rose Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            The moment I gave Abigail a diamond and she told me it looked delicious i fell in love <3

            Seriously, though. This game is full of cute and funny moments. There's a lot to love.
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            • Haebaragi

              Haebaragi Weight of the Sky

              The best part of Stardew Valley for me so far was Junimos.

              Just look at them. I'm a heartless wench and even I think they're precious babies.
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              • Jack Nevermore

                Jack Nevermore Void-Bound Voyager

                Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts so far. Keep on rambling, I really appreciate it <3
                • Jack Nevermore

                  Jack Nevermore Void-Bound Voyager

                  Anyone else want to share their good times? :)
                  • Lanx12

                    Lanx12 Ketchup Robot

                    Well I remeber the first time me and this girl...well she was new to Stardew and well oh my...well and then we oh dear.....and then it turned into an oh my moment...but...in the end she left me to go to the city...those were good times...
                    • Haebaragi

                      Haebaragi Weight of the Sky

                      I made all the marriageable candidates fall for me is one.

                      Harem Queen over here.

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