Why does the tile info for units who have a strength/weakness against commanders display your guy?

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  1. Jwasden

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    Hi there,

    Love the game wargroove. Great job, guys.

    My son has been really curious why the strength/weakness details when introspecting on a unit displays your own commander image rather than the opposing armies commander image. For every other unit type, (spearman, etc.) It does show the opposing armies units. I tried

    Explaining to him why it could be a good reason to show your own, but he wants to hear it from the game makers.

    So what's the story on that, guys? (BTW, he's 7.)
    • Shubeans

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      I'm not entirely sure what you mean here,
      When selecting an enemy unit the 'vulnerable' side will show your troops against that selected unit, and the 'effective' shows what that unit can do to your troops.
      Here is an example of me selecting a Dreadsword, and the Vulnerable displaying my commander:

      If you select your own troops, and it is vulnerable against a commander it will display the opponents commander:

      If you're selecting a Commander, well they aren't vulnerable against anything so it will only display the effectiveness, which is only images of them vs the enemy units. (The same as it is with Units)
      It'll be the same if you select the enemies commander, it will display them vs your troops.

      I hope that answers your question, but please let me know if I've misunderstood!
      • Jwasden

        Jwasden Intergalactic Tourist

        Thanks for the reply! I think you understand the question, and that does make sense.

        However, sometimes it doesn't display the enemy commander. For example, in Act 3, Mission 2, An Old Friend, if you select your own troop, and check his vulnerability to commanders, the avatar is Mercia (albeit in enemy colors). The same occurs in Act 4, Mission one, if you select your swordsman unit.

        At least, it looks like Mercia to us. I'll try and upload some screenshots to show what I mean.

        Here's some pics showing me selecting my units in the above mentioned missions.

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        • Shubeans

          Shubeans QA Wizard Chucklefish

          ooooh! That's because those missions don't have a 'commander' opponent.
          In 'An Old Friend' you're fighting against an undead faction that doesn't have anyone 'in charge' so to speak, so it substitutes Mercia as a 'default' commander just in the enemy colours.

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