Who did you marry?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by piratezevelyn, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Kashmir

    Kashmir Giant Laser Beams

    I married Elliot because he reminded me of Fabio. Let me tell you, he is useless. So far, he has only made coffee and fed the animals (which are on automatic feeding). But, if I ever want to talk to him, I can find him staring at the oven waiting for me to cook. (not happening)
    Next save, I will find someone who has a life.
    • wildwidow

      wildwidow Void-Bound Voyager

      I would totally save him for last :love:

      i mean, i'm already sold at his 4 heart event lol. must resist...
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      • Mythoss

        Mythoss Subatomic Cosmonaut

        Can't decide, I was a little disheartened to find out they were all basically the same once married. It would be cool if they all had attributes that affected your farm or child rearing.
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        • Reddestiny921

          Reddestiny921 Pangalactic Porcupine

          yeah the guy has a couple of events and there is also a part for him in one of Clint's event and he's a pretty decent guy, he also mentions growing attached to Marnie and Jas and how life isn't so bad because he has eggs and pizza. Just really like him :D you have a point, Robin and Dem dance a lot but they're mostly separated ironically I'm best friends with her and I'm not as close to Dem but he's happy to see me anyways. Kent mentions being nervous about the open field during the spring dance and he panics when she makes popcorn though he's sort of laid back in a way though Jodi complains a lot I feel bad for the guy. LOL that's a good reason to dislike Clint reminds me of an old mad tv scene with the character Viv, top reasons to dislike Viv....she's Viv and in this case Clint is Clint so....yeah hehehe :D
          • Saulius

            Saulius Tentacle Wrangler

            I Have married Leah. She's just so cute.
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            • deadman9001

              deadman9001 Space Hobo

              I had a hard time my first save. I started out thinking Leah, that hair color tho! By the way the spring dance thing is cruel :cry:. During summer and start of fall Haley just out of nowhere took the lead, despite me hardly talking to her (birthday loved gifts OP), and finally as fall came close to an end I was caught between Penny and Leah. Guess how much fun Winter is when 3 girls have all 10 hearts and you can't find the ghost man to give you the necklace.. After finally getting to see Leah's 10 heart she won. Second save I plan on hitching with Penny. It's odd when people say Penny is a favorite choice, because it seems everyone on Youtube goes for Abby.
              • barbieshangover

                barbieshangover Star Wrangler

                I married Sebastian. More for the fact he was the first to 10 stars, so it wasn't love at first sight! Although at the start I thought he was a bit whiney, he's really grown on me. I can't wait to hear further dialogue in the next update. (Fingers crossed).
                • WolfGT57

                  WolfGT57 Contact!

                  I thought most youtubers went for Leah or Penny.
                  • Irediel

                    Irediel Space Penguin Leader

                    I have 2 save files.. in both I married Sebastian :/ something about him seems really attractive, not sure whether it is the bike or the hair or the smile.. or everything.
                    Probably would go for someone else for my next character (I swear!) Elliott or Sam :)
                    Leah's spouse room is also colorful & pretty (being an artist)
                    At the start of my 2nd save game, I told myself "YOU HAVE TO GO FOR SOMEBODY ELSE, TRY SOMETHING NEW!"
                    ... and then when Sebastian smiles in his character portrait.. oh boy, I'm gonna have a hard time abstaining myself from him :(
                    Fought hard but lost the battle to love and ended up marrying him again. He's like a magnet, I just can't!

                    *Barry Manilow's "Can't take my eyes off of you" plays in the background...*
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                    • Kashmir

                      Kashmir Giant Laser Beams

                      Don't go for Elliot unless you plan on drinking an awful lot of coffee and getting no help because he's too busy staring at the oven.
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                      • Irediel

                        Irediel Space Penguin Leader

                        haha, he can't be THAT bad! what else does he do? i'm curious!
                        • Reddestiny921

                          Reddestiny921 Pangalactic Porcupine

                          lol he's not so bad...granted I'm fairly addicted to coffee, he does help on the farm more at random though if those actions are random then maybe I can only speak for my file when I married him guess it depends. :D
                          • Kashmir

                            Kashmir Giant Laser Beams

                            Only twice has he fed the animals, and they are on automatic feeding. He has never watered the plants nor has he ever cooked anything. I received a fish taco from Gus, but Elliot, no. He only stares at the oven or tells me about the nightmare he had where I buzzed his hair. (and now, i'm seriously thinking about it.)
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                            • Irediel

                              Irediel Space Penguin Leader

                              APPRECIATED! i guess it's Harvey then.. I'm greedy for "Complete Breakfast"!
                              • BreacK

                                BreacK Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                Haaaaleeey! <3
                                At first I wanted to go with Leah but I especially like how Haley changes the more hearts you get with her.
                                AND NOW I LOVE HER <3 <3
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                                • kanakan

                                  kanakan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  Sebastian! The nerd completely stole my heart. I love him to pieces <3
                                  I may go for Alex or Sam on a future file, though.
                                  • squidspeaker

                                    squidspeaker Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    Penny on my first farmer
                                    Abagail on my second
                                    and Alex on my third
                                    • Reddestiny921

                                      Reddestiny921 Pangalactic Porcupine

                                      now I'm married to Sebby, when he fixes fences it takes longer for them to decay I'm in my first week of Summer after being married to him only a short time and just now I saw the first wall break down. He doesn't just give coffee anymore either I've gotten a cave carrot and a frozen tear from him as well and he still takes care of the animals once in a while. :D
                                      • the23rdDevil

                                        the23rdDevil Lucky Number 13

                                        I married Sebastian, lol i went in thinking i was gonna either pick him, Sam, Alex, or elliot, harvey was a nope immediately cause of the mustache, too patronly. Alex was too much of a jock for my tastes so he was eliminated second, Sam never really took my interest even though i did all his heart events, and from then on it was a tie between Seb and Eliott the pros an cons were just about equal, but in the end Sebastian reminded me of my actual boyfriend more so he won. If you could marry ANYONE though, I'd pick
                                        Krobus :3 hes so cuuuuuute like, omg his lil facceee favorite npc by far
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                                        • Megzzzx

                                          Megzzzx Void-Bound Voyager

                                          So last night I got to see the 10 heart event for Harvey and Sebastian. And I'm even more confused on who to like more. This is so hard!!! And on a funny side note, I was telling my fiance about all this and he is making fun of me for telling him about my "dates." Then he goes "well this Sebastian guy sounds like a bad boy with that motorcycle and Harvey sounds like the good guy. So you will probably marry Sebastian and then go talk to Harvey all the time and tell him how Sebastian is horrible and is off with Tiffany all the time." Tiffany is the name he uses for his fake mistress when he is being a butt head. He will always say things like, "Tiffany would let me have more cookies." And such. So since he used that same name in his scenario I was like, "Babe are you trying to tell me to leave you and go find myself a Harvey?" And then he was mad at me because he set himself up for that and finally left me alone about my Stardew marriage problems. LOL

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