Answered Which weapons do damage/time (DoT) effects?

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  1. AngleWyrm

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    I've got quite a few weapons that have specialty damage icons in their profile picture, but that icon doesn't tell whether or not the weapon applies a damage/time effect.

    Is there an indication that a weapon will poison/burn/etc a mob for a while in the weapons display? Or maybe a list of weapons that show which ones do such things?

    Rare weapons
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  2. Palicence

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    Well if I am understanding your question properly the only things there are, are: Poison, Ice, Electric, and Fire. These are all colour coded to Red = fire, Purple = Electric, Light Blue = Ice, and Green = Poison.

    I think I understood what you meant if not sorry, please forgive me.
  3. DraikNova

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    Poison and burning are the two elemental damage over time effects. Electricity's effect deals damage to enemies near the one you shocked, while frost slows enemies. As you found, uncommon weapons can inflict elemental status effects with their special ability, while rare weapons can inflict it with both their primary and their secondary. If I remember correctly, the only legendary weapon that inflicts a damage over time effect is the Cartilage gun.

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