Which game do you most regret wasting money on?

Discussion in 'Games' started by RogueZephyr, May 25, 2017.

  1. Ryder The Novakid

    Ryder The Novakid Lucky Number 13

    I feel like Minecraft was I just did't like it, it was boring and I thought it would be way more interesting but no it wasn't online play was useless cause it was mostly run by trash talking ten year olds.
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  2. XenoMind

    XenoMind Phantasmal Quasar

    I was actually one of those naive people that brought Starforge :'D
    Believe me it was bad, and I wasted money buying a couple of copies for me and a friend at the time. So those reviews are pretty accurate and in the end the devs just ended up giving the customers a big middle finger and deemed it finished after we've been waiting for so long for an update. It was unoptimized, buggy, empty, multiplayer didn't work and some of the equipment failed to work like flashlights when it got pitch black at night. It was just boring. It's one of the worst games I've ever brought and I very much regret buying it despite spending only $10 on it. I still feel robbed since the game doesn't even deserve a penny and I could had used that $10 to go to texas steak house or something.

    My previous regrets though was the first Legend of Spyro. I went in thinking I'd be adventuring, solving puzzles, collecting gems and items while exploring. But instead I got a linear, beat em up with the most overused and cliche story I've ever seen with no replay value. A story that was trying too hard to be epic that it had to include every cliche in the book which ended up just making it bad and cringy. The comedy relief felt shoehorned into the story and Sparx should never ever open his mouth, ever >.>
    I just hope Spyro gets another reboot like the Crash N. Sane Trilogy and then I can forget Legend of Spyro and finally start collecting gems again.

    I dodged a bullet with Shadow the Hedgehog though since I ended up accidentally grabbing Shadow of the Colossus instead as a kid. Best mistake ever, even if Shadow the hedgehog is kinda a guilty pleasure to me now. Just as a kid with no money it would had been a regret at the time, lol.
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  3. Trenix

    Trenix Twenty-three is number one

    The Culling, Godus, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, and Life is Feudal: Your Own. Most of these were due to early access, therefore I don't buy early access games anymore. It's a scam.
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  4. Harii

    Harii Seal Broken

    I probably regret spending so much on currency for the "Free 2 Play" (pay2win) games. Played a lot of different ones when I was younger and I regret everything.
    Also, buying some game DLC's like PayDay 2 ones. DLC's are not worth the price unless they add something signficant in the game, in my opinion.

    I'm poor so I buy only games I really like.
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  5. Jonathan01013

    Jonathan01013 Intergalactic Tourist

    Dungeon Defenders 1. That game gets old fast.
  6. Firebert

    Firebert Space Hobo

    PAYDAY 2 With its hoard of DLCs
  7. Waffle-Chan

    Waffle-Chan Guest

    I kinda regret buying Ghost Recon(I forget which one)
  8. 1ViP

    1ViP Void-Bound Voyager

    Tom Clancy's The Division regret every peny that i spent on that game, and we all know if you pass 2 hrs with the playtime of the game no refunds... great

    LOL BALL Existential Complex

    Edge of Space, as I had 0 interest the entire time playing it, and seeing how the developers could give less a crap about the game, I just straight up uninstalled it.

    There's also Darkmaus, a Dark Souls wannabe that's literally difficult for the sake of being difficult. Here me out, difficulty is great in games, I really love the challenge, but when that's the literal foundation of the game and nothing else, it becomes boring. And that was the case with Darkmaus. Imagine if you mixed LIMBO's graphics with the difficulty of dark souls and that's about all it is. I was either bored or annoyed the entire way through.
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  10. Cally94

    Cally94 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Two Worlds 2...

    Idk if it's gotten better over the years, but when I played, you had to open the in-game console and fix the framerate! And it wasn't even worth it, because there was barely any content in the game! TW2 is probably the only game in all of my gaming life that I have truly felt was never supposed to leave the warehouse...
  11. Mogipoki

    Mogipoki Void-Bound Voyager

    Lightning Returns. Bought it brand new for 60$, worst decision I ever made in life.
  12. MistyTheNeko

    MistyTheNeko Ketchup Robot

    NEKOPARA Vol. 1

    I was in the mood for neko maids pls no judging
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  13. LOL BALL

    LOL BALL Existential Complex

    i mean, considering neko is in your name...
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  14. Starbound Sailor Moon

    Starbound Sailor Moon Industrial Terraformer

    Tree of Savior International. I originally played Ragnarok off and on for a good 12 years, so when I heard the creator of RO was making a "true successor" I was on the hype train for 3 years. Every bit of info was a tease. Was there the moment it opened, late at that, 6 AM EST after an all nighter. And at first, it was great, and I still say that game had ample potential. So the first couple months I spent quite a bit on cosmetics and other services.

    Then everything you could think of went wrong. I could explain, but...

    Look at the Steam statistics from over the last year and a half. Speaks volumes, and they do not have a client outside of Steam.

    Put it this way: Only game I ever gave away all my stuff to a good friend just so I'd never even be tempted to go back a third time. :p
  15. CommanderMynas

    CommanderMynas Orbital Explorer

    Definitely ARK Survival Evolved. Ran like me on a cross-country team on a GTX 960.
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  16. JackAfrica

    JackAfrica Orbital Explorer

    Please don’t kill me if I say this but... SONIC UNLEASHED.......
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  17. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    So why do you regret it? I mean I assume you knew what kinda game it was before you bought it... and not judging you of course.
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  18. MistyTheNeko

    MistyTheNeko Ketchup Robot

    Because I don't play it much, and I'm not a big fan of visual novels.
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  19. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    Ahh. Yeah, a visual novel is not meant to be played and played and played... it's a thing that you play once and get the story. Unless we're talking about a game like Angels With Scaly Wings... now that game.... you need to play it at least 9 times to get the best ending and that's assuming you know what you're doing so maybe more like 10. But thanks to its skip feature, this doesn't take long to do.

    And best of yet, the game in-verse explains how/why you are playing through the game....again.
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  20. Roskii Heiral

    Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

    Spore.... It sucked me in with all the hype and failed to deliver on every level...
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