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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by nightyngale, Feb 17, 2021.

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    One of my friends who wants to play Starbound is epileptic, and the bright screen flash that occurs when FTL traveling from one star (see below edit) to another worries him, as it might potentially trigger a seizure. I was looking for the files regarding that specific behavior to edit them, but after about an hour of searching I still haven't found anything. I have no idea where to begin looking; I've looked in animations, behaviors, effects, items, objects, ships, parallax, celestial... nothing seems to have anything relating to the interstellar travel sequence, and searching the files for "ship", "star", "system", "ftl", "flash", "jump", "warp", "travel", and "interstellar" have yielded no results. Does anybody know where I'd find these files so I can modify them?

    EDIT: I slightly misspoke; it's the animation that plays when transitioning from space, to orbiting a planet/moon.

    EDIT AGAIN: I found it! It was in sky.config in the main /assets directory, if anybody else is looking for it.
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    I quickly built this little mod to help with your problem.

    Please test it yourself first to see if it fits your friend's needs. What I have done is removed the flash that occurs when the warp begins and ends as well as the stars that speed past while you are flying. Let me know if there is anything you want added or removed after you have taken a look for yourself.

    A note to anyone who might use this mod.

    (I just want to make it clear though that I have little knowledge regarding the triggers of Epilepsy beyond the common knowledge that certain flashing light patterns can cause problems in certain individuals. I am not an expert on Epilepsy. If anyone suffers from Epilepsy while using this mod I am not to be held accountable for any damages that this Epilepsy episode might have caused. The mod is intended to reduce the chances of Epilepsy by reducing the flashing lights during a ship warp and was never guaranteed to prevent Epilepsy altogether. Please do not sue me.)
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