Modding Help Where go Custom ships in Furious Koala ?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Front Row, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Nattywwc

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    Here you are, the apex miniknog battleship, and 'custom 1' ship aka. the odyssey. Apex battleship has been set up for the apex to spawn with, the custom1 (odyssey) has been set up for humans to spawn with. If you wish to change this, go into your mod folder, and rename the folder in 'ships' from whatever race it started with, to whatever race you want.

    Yeah, it is that easy I know. Thats mostly what I've been doing. BUT some people may not have a lot of time, or experience doing such things, while I have both. Also, if the ship includes a custom object, you may need to edit them. The absolution (the ship I converted first, and the one that made me find this thread because I wanted to know if it was already done) had several custom objects. This would normally be fine, but the 'size' variable changed from a string to a float (or was it an int...) and needed you to just delete the quotation marks around it. If you don't know which quotation marks, or where they are however, you can be in serious trouble.
    After converting that, I've been using it as my template for all the other ship conversions I've done, most of which are 'put in folder, zip, post'. I do test my work before posting however, to make sure it works.

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    You're a saint for converting those. It was mainly for anyone trying to do it themselves because there's been a misconception going around since Furious Koala was released that mods need to be repacked now.
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    Can Someone help with this mod? I cannot get it to work! Thanks in advance.
  4. Dark rider

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    problems uploading the file

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  5. Dark rider

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    Fixed it!
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    Can you make this ship a mod please =)

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    Done. For future reference, it already was a mod, just for an earlier version. Only needed to change the version in .modinfo. If it doesn't work, lemme know.

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    the absolution isn't working for me does anyone know why that is???
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    There has been a ship mod that I have wanted to use every since I first laid eyes on it. Unfortunately, I have never been able to get it to work. I am running starbound through steam and trying to remember what is necessary to use mods. The mod I want to use is linked below. Thank you, in advance. :heylisten:

    Glitch Cruiser ship mod.
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