Modding Help Where does Starbound look for assets?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by DWZaith, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. DWZaith

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    Newbie modder. I tried googling but couldn't find an answer.

    So 4 questions, based on the assumption Starbound dedicated server only searches these directories for assets,

    mods/*any .modinfo* files

    Can someone describe the order/precedence that starbound looks for assets?
    Is it possible to configure these locations?
    If I pack my mod, where can I put it so it will load in it's pak form?
    How does Starbound know where to look for steam workshop mods?
  2. HerrJunky

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    Okay at first i dont now much about the dedicated server thing, but i assume it works the same like the client.
    The order in which the game looks for assets is defined by the .modinfo file
    (Its called "Priority" in the file). The base game assets have a priority value of -9999 so they will be loaded at last.
    - yes you can change these locations but have to mess around with your "sbinit.config" file located in your win64 folder and thats something wich isnt recommend. And other Players have to replace this file manually.
    -your .pak file gets into the "mods" folder...
    -and i dont now enough about the steam workshop also so i cant help you there.
    PS: please excuse my english xD
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  3. lazarus78

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    Above information is correct. Save for one.

    The base game assets actually have top priority to be loaded first, otherwise patch files and file overlaps in mods would not work. The HIGHER the number, the lower the priority. The data in the assets/user folder (The instrument songs) has a priority of 9999999999, or something like that, so they will always be loaded last, where as the base assets have a priority of -9999 which is much much lower, so it will help ensure it is loaded first. You could in theory set a mod priority to -10000 or lower to make it load first, but that would be kinda silly and ill-advised.

    Via however Steam was integrated with the game. When you start the game trhough steam, I believe Steam tells the game where to look for the additional assets because if you start the game without steam, the game doesnt know they exist unless you have manually added a path in the sbinit file.

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