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  1. BrokenChopstix

    BrokenChopstix Space Hobo

    I've read through all the fishing posts concerning missing fishes but I've just spent the past 4 hours trying to find the freaking Walleye fish to finish my bundle. I'm currently in winter and I've tried fishing in the snow in the lake, river, and forest pond from afternoon all the way until 2am and I've found zilch... I've seen people on the forums say that they found them in Fall but aren't they supposed to be in Winter too? I feel like this fish shouldnt be that rare and that I'm doing something wrong.
    Does anyone know what's going on here??
    • Afterscore

      Afterscore Weight of the Sky

      My guess is you're just getting extremely (somehow) unlucky.

      Walleye is a Fall/Winter fish yes, so you can catch it in either. My suggestion would be to go to the River outside of Leah's house at night with rain/snow and stick to it there.
      • Loial

        Loial Space Hobo

        Same thing here BrokenChopstix...

        I've spent ALL the rainy/snowy days of Fall AND Winter fishing from 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM.....caught probably about 100 of each fish species in lakes, rivers....every place the walleye can spawn according to living off the land I've fished for a FEW NIGHTS EACH, yet I can't get a walleye.

        I've seen this fish ONCE before in the game (early first year), and I sold it since I did not have the grasp on the community center bundles at the time, and have NOT SEEN A SINGLE WALLEYE SINCE.

        Sorry for caps, but I'd like ConcernedApe to see this and maybe either adjust the spawn rate or take a look to see if there's a possible bug where this specific fish stops spawning?

        • lupedid

          lupedid Space Hobo

          Just started fall year 3 and about to start to try and find it. All I need is 3 apples and walley and I've completed com center. Fingers crosssed
          • Loial

            Loial Space Hobo

            Good luck lupedid!
            • scoutcc15

              scoutcc15 Subatomic Cosmonaut

              It spawns only at night when it's raining and only in the fall.
              • meatpardle

                meatpardle Star Wrangler

                Fall, night, rain, outside Leah's house. Caught two in one night, once hooked thy're easy to reel in.
                • Loial

                  Loial Space Hobo

                  I'll have to try again once it's Fall and raining, because I just spent two nights when it was snowing outside of Leah's house and nada...
                  • BrokenChopstix

                    BrokenChopstix Space Hobo

                    It may only be in the fall then because i've spent all winter and absolutely nothing...
                    • Voyager

                      Voyager Spaceman Spiff

                      Walleye are a completely annoying fish that like to not show up for years and then you get two in a row - true story.
                      • Aemi

                        Aemi Starship Captain

                        I had the same issue with sardines. All I needed one one flipping sardine. The easiest fish to find! Available all year round in the ocean, very high rate of appearing.... I made off with 8 pufferfish before the stupid thing showed its head >_<

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