When will Wargroove release on GOG?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WebBowser, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Cowabunga

    Cowabunga Tentacle Wrangler

    Totally and wholeheartly agree.

    Having zero info or update for almost 7 months since PC release is hard to swallow, especially when all other possible platforms are receiving everything.

    Any update soon, Chucklefish?
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    • Ghar

      Ghar Yeah, You!

      Meh... We know how (probably) will it end. August will pass (soon), September will also pass, after which there will be another change only on GOG's page (plus no info about this fact nor reason nor anything), this time from Q3 to Q4 2019. Could probably even bet my money that we won't have it until end of Q3 (or even Q4) 2019 and win :p
      • MartiusR

        MartiusR Master Chief

        This info wasn't revealed anywhere else but on GOG forum, so I'm linking (and quoting) it right here:

        (quote from GOG's team member):

        We regret to inform you that Wargroove will not be released on GOG.COM.

        Together with the publisher, we launched the coming soon page back in February with the best intention of delivering Wargroove as soon as possible, especially knowing how many of you were eager to play it. Despite continuous efforts on both sides, releasing the game in a way that we believe would be satisfying to the entire GOG community, was not possible. This is why we mutually made a very difficult decision not to offer the game and we will be removing the coming soon page as a result.

        So yeah, no Wargroove for GOG users :( Despite releasing on Steam and all possible consoles in the meanwhile.

        I feel utterly disappointed
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        • ZanCat

          ZanCat Void-Bound Voyager

          Man... They could easily just strip away the multiplayer and offer a single-player-only experience. Honestly, that's just all I want, I don't care about Multiplayer, much less in a game like that.

          That or just create a multiplayer system like they did with Stardew Valley. Surely it can't be that difficult...

          Well then, they just lost a sale, I won't be buying the game on Steam.
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          • MartiusR

            MartiusR Master Chief

            Exactly my thoughts, ZanCat - I wouldn't have problems with limited multiplayer, and I'm not going to buy Wargroove on Steam/anywhere else. Well, guess that my money will go to other devs.
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            • SirPrimalform

              SirPrimalform Space Spelunker

              I'm bitterly disappointed about this. There is zero chance of me buying this on Steam, so to spend 7 months waiting patiently only to be told my custom isn't wanted is a real kick in the teeth.

              I would really appreciate some clarification from Chucklefish as to what the actual problem is.
              • Daikon Ocelot

                Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

                No!!! Why didn't I know this earlier! I have waited for Wargroove since it was still in development, and they give me THIS!? CF have dissapointed me in many ways, including this, fake hope. Why did I found SB in the first place, if it turns out that the other CF games is just like it, disappointing.
                • SirPrimalform

                  SirPrimalform Space Spelunker

                  Still total silence about the 'difficulties' they met with.
                  • Daikon Ocelot

                    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

                    I try to ask them to reconsider about this GOG version again, but they doesn't seem to care. I am really sad about it. Seeing how the Steam player having fun with it makes me jealous.

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