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When will Wargroove release on GOG?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WebBowser, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Midnight Tea

    Midnight Tea Phantasmal Quasar

    Wow that is... a condescending response, to say the very least. I can only speak for myself, but when someone condescends towards me I'm actually less inclined to "learn" from it because the person trying to "teach" it is talking down to me. Regardless of whether or not I actually need the lesson.

    And I don't think one is needed to be learned here.

    As The | Suit said, antagonizing Chucklefish for not providing you information you feel you're entitled to would only make sense if you had pre-ordered it. No money has changed hands, Chucklefish hasn't even made that an option, thus you are entitled to none of the information you're demanding to have. Besides which, no one cares if you buy the game or not or what platform you do it on. Your one potential sale doesn't mean much for the game's lifespan and certainly doesn't promise you engagement with anyone who made the game. Might be different if you were one of the top tier Kickstarter donors or something, but I severely doubt that's the case.

    And if you appeal with "I speak for GOG users who are waiting for information Chucklefish isn't giving and were losing our patience", I'm going to kindly insist that you only get to use the Royal We if you're a monarch, a hive insect, insane or pregnant. You only get to represent yourself and nobody else. Just as I represent someone who's totally chill with however long this is going to take and intend to buy the game more than once.
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    • MartiusR

      MartiusR Tentacle Wrangler

      Eh, to be honest - I was rather trying to find some positive in situation than "lecturing" anyone. In this part I can agree with you that stating something from the "superiority" position is not bringing anything good.

      I'm not a fan of approach to belittle anyone's questions or expectations, and also riding on "guilty trip" (e.g. arguments about lack of influence on game's lifespan due to single potential purchase or not being top donor). I'm rather opting for finding all voices and then formulating proper conclusion. Trust me, it serves well even if in the meanwhile people are starting to being "emotional" (which is not bad if it's single case - 1 or 2 posts with "emotions" are rather helping to clean the atmosphere and move on to more concrete conclusions).

      I don't think that I've made here some overstatement with saying here and there GOG users, a.k.a. "multiplication" of my post, since reading GOG's forum is clearly showing that some of my questions or doubts are shared by other users of this platform, but if it's something you're personally annoyed, I can respect that and not use it anymore. Just for you - it's not something I'm feeling completely necessary for me.

      If my intention wasn't read in this way - well, that's a shame, but it doesn't change the reason, why I've written my previous post.

      Not sure if it's serving any purpose to take further discussion at this point, if it's going into direction of "proving" how someone was wrong (and how bad person he is), but if that's your wish, I will gladly answer on any of yours questions or doubts.
      • Furo1981

        Furo1981 Poptop Tamer

        Good thing this thread in this forum probably has abysmal reach, otherwise this would be a PR disaster for Chucklefish.
        • Midnight Tea

          Midnight Tea Phantasmal Quasar

          I'm almost flattered with your belief in the destructive power I must wield. You seem to believe in me more than I believe in myself, honestly.
          • The | Suit

            The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

            CF actually holds no sway in what a moderators opinion should be.
            During Starbound Development I actually made quite a bit of fuss about the direction of the Early Access and the limitations of the design.
            Which is now fundamentally much better and open than it was previously.

            With that said, I am not supporting CF because I am a moderator. I am supporting CF decisions because I had numerous works commercially published from early as high school; both electronic and physical media. As well as my family being published authors. So I am fully aware of all the legalese that involves in getting your product up into a store front.

            These are not things that need to be shared with the public as honestly is not any of their business.
            As I mentioned before, it is only an issue if they started accepting pre-order money and kept getting delayed.
            Otherwise it is simply a symptom of impatience nothing more.
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            • MartiusR

              MartiusR Tentacle Wrangler

              Well, nice to know! A remarkable example, indeed.
              • MartiusR

                MartiusR Tentacle Wrangler

                Just a small offtop - big apologies for entire Chucklefish Team for my lack of patience and sometimes harsh words. Kinda stupid thing, since it was caused by some completely different stuff in my life, which made me back then very "toxic", in fact about every small thing.

                Keep it up guys, still waiting for that GOG release to bring you some $$ :)
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                • Cowabunga

                  Cowabunga Space Hobo

                  No need to worry friend, IMO you didn't write anything especially controversial to apology ;) Aside from that though - full respect for you, because it's a rare occasion (in the internet) to see someone to honorable "take back" some words previously written.

                  But getting back to topic:

                  Good question, also interested - when some update? When Wargroove on GOG?

                  And some bonus question - why release it earlier on Steam and later on GOG? Recently plenty of developers were releasing games on both platforms at the same time (which is IMO the best practice).

                  Cheers, and have a nice day/night (depending when you're reading this, dudes ;))
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                  • Ghar

                    Ghar Space Hobo

                    Hi, hello and welcome! I've registered on dev's forum, since I'm also waiting for GOG release of Wargroove. But it seems that Chucklefish is not active on GOG forum (or maybe don't have there account).

                    So, basically - where is the game? Why no info since February? Are you going to keep the new "release period" (Q2 2019), or will it be again postponed? Would be nice to have some info. Cheers!
                    • Shubeans

                      Shubeans QA Wizard Chucklefish

                      Update: There is no update.
                      Guys, I am so sorry. I hate seeing how much everyone is waiting for this and we still have no news. I can't even tell you why we have no news, because I also have had no news.

                      We don't have a GoG account, but I'm wondering if it's worth it as it's mostly just going to be me disappointing everyone some more with lack of news...
                      It was released on Steam earlier because we originally had some technical difficulties with GoG and decided it would be best not to delay the main release, we weren't expecting it to take this long obviously.

                      I'm hoping we can get an 'official' announcement out soon, just letting everyone know exactly what's going on, and why with as much information as we can get to you all.
                      I just don't know when that will be. (I'm sorry, this is a lot of 'I dont knows')

                      @MartiusR I appreciate the apology, but don't sweat it. People are people and we all understand the frustrations.
                      In all honesty the main reason I haven't replied much is because I'm just QA filling in for Community and Support when I get a chance. I tend to stay away from the 'General' chat unless it's bug or support related, which sucks, because I love being involved with the community as much as I can.
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