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Discussion in 'Mods' started by MattyToo, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. MattyToo

    MattyToo Void-Bound Voyager

    Hi ya'll,

    I posted before about wanting to make a mod so that the player character uses a wheelchair (like me!). I've been making slow but steady progress with this and have a video to show of forwards and sideways movement!

    This is all I've done so far, there's been a pretty steep learning curve, but slow and steady wins the race and all that. There's still a lot left to do!

    Frustratingly, I can't change how the sprite "bounces" when running, this is hard coded. I have toyed with turning off the auto-run option and installing a movement speed mod to increase the walk speed, but I'm worried this will break events (I haven't tested this yet).

    Something I need help with if anyone is willing to do a collab (you will be credited as a co-creator!) is with the shirts. They all need some major editing, and I'm not sure my motivation will carry through to edit more than a few shirts. Message me or reply for more info.

    As I mentioned in my old thread, I know that some of the things the player does would be unrealistic for someone in a wheelchair to do, but. It's a game, it's already unrealistic, and it would mean a lot to me to have a playable character in a wheelchair.
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    • Voltaic123

      Voltaic123 Pangalactic Porcupine

      This looks amazing, and I can definitely see why people would want it! What do you need done to the shirts??
      • MattyToo

        MattyToo Void-Bound Voyager

        so the shirts are layered ON TOP of the farmer_base main sprite body bit, which means they all have to be cropped and edited so they don't overlap the wheelchair image (which is the main body, edited). The front view is mostly fine, the shirts just need a pixel or two cropped off the bottom, and the back view is also simple because only a few lines of pixels will be visible above the back of the wheelchair anyway.

        The side view tshirt, however, is actually drawn at like a 3/4 angle not directly side on. Unfortunately, the wheelchair IS drawn directly side on because it's so complex. So the shirts need to be edited to a more side-on angle, and also cropped to four pixels tall. And I cbf tbh :p
        • HopeWasHere

          HopeWasHere Existential Complex

          I would be happy to help with the shirts! Do you have a sprite sheet of what the wheel-chaired player looks like from all sides so I can see what we're working with as far as side shirts and the back?
          • MattyToo

            MattyToo Void-Bound Voyager

            Thank you!! I'm just about to head out for the day, so I'll write a more in detail post soon. I've run into (more) problems with the side view shirts.. But I'm now hoping the side shirts will only need to be cropped to 7 pixels long (but still redrawn from side on instead of 3/4 view), instead of down to 4 or 5 pixels. I will send you a sprite sheet soon!
            Thanks so much!!
            • HopeWasHere

              HopeWasHere Existential Complex

              Since it's a side view, would you like male and female variants for each of the shirts? And will the pants, shoes, or hair need editing as well?
              • MattyToo

                MattyToo Void-Bound Voyager

                tbh I prefer the neutral shirt shape from the side, but if you're willing to then I will absolutely accept male and female variants to let people choose!

                The pants are pretty simple because the legs don't move much, but I could absolutely use some advice on shading, particularly on the front-on view.
                The shoes are all good (not much movement).
                The longer hair styles will need some editing, that hadn't occurred to me yet..

                So with the shirts, I've attached a file called "shirts example" with the unedited shirt, the parts that need to be cropped, and what I did myself (it's not great..). The sections marked in red HAVE to be cropped, but the sections marked in pink are ok if you want to use that space. For now I'm going with entirely deleting the back-view shirt, but that may change. If it does, it'll likely only be a pixel or two width showing in certain movements above the wheelchair.

                I've also attached the farmer_girl_base as a png. I'm sorry it's such a mess :oops: it's in the right format to re-pack into an xnb file. If you want the paint.net file where the wheelchair is a separate layer, I'll figure out how to get that to you. For the side view I had to put the wheelchair as part of the arms, so it was in the correct layer (above the t-shirt, below the arms..). I haven't touched most of the side-view arms except for the walking + running animation. Which, if you're up for it, I could also use some advice/edits with regards to shading.

                Thanks for your help!

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                • HopeWasHere

                  HopeWasHere Existential Complex

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                  Wow, you've done amazing work! I do have paint.net, if that makes things easier on you. Otherwise I'll take a look at these sprites and see what I can do.
                  For the long hair, you could probably keep some of the styles, making it so they hair falls over the back of the chair. But I guess I'd have to see what that looked like first.

                  I'm also wondering about the spa sprites. It seems that they're on two legs! Have you figured out a way to do those or are you planning on leaving them as is?

                  Edit: Just did a basic crop of the shirts, to get a feel for the size. The first image is all the default shirts with both the red and pink taken off. The second is just with the red taken off. Both images have the back removed, so I can put it back if you want. Let me know what you think, I haven't tested in game so I'm not sure if they work yet. With the two versions you can see what looks better with the optional amount and what doesn't, and mix and match.

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                  • MattyToo

                    MattyToo Void-Bound Voyager

                    For the bath house sprites I'm planning to use a slightly different wheelchair drawing, that will also be mostly white coloured. Water proof wheelchairs are a thing! and I've also still gotta start on the horse riding sprites. I'm planning to add a little extra to the saddle to make it similar to irl saddles some disabled people use.
                    • HopeWasHere

                      HopeWasHere Existential Complex

                      That's awesome, my dad works in special ed, so I often see advanced wheelchairs but have never seen one for water. That's really incredible! Do you need help with those sprites in any way?

                      As for the shirts, do you like the size and shape of them? I can get started twisting the designs to look like they're from the side, but if you keep them the way they are then shirt mod makers won't have too much work to do to make their mods compatible.
                      • stuffedt0y

                        stuffedt0y Space Hobo

                        Hey, is there any update on this? I really want a mod where I can get a wheelchair for my character!
                        • Void System

                          Void System Space Hobo

                          Omg! I can't wait! Tysm! I'm in a wheelchair irl and this will be amazing!
                          • theo_bees

                            theo_bees Space Hobo

                            hi, did you ever finish this mod? i use a wheelchair and would love to be able to have one in-game too :D

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