Whats your favourite Boss of all time? / most difficult boss?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Corraidhín, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. Ren Fox

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    I replayed the entirety of The World Ends With You, with a modded DSi.
    I found both forms of the boss, Cantus, extremely fun.
    Without spoiling the story, Anguis Cantus, the first form, has you attack the boss with all three of your partner that you befriend and grow with during the course of the game. It’s a good series finale, for the game because all the characters left you for different reasons, and the boss ties them together. All combat in the game is done between both screen of the DS—It’s basically multitasking combos with the dpad, and performing actions with the stylus. Enemies interact with both characters, and your characters influence eachother.
    Draco Cantus, the second form, cuts out all you attention from the top screen. You don’t have access to your partners. The bottom screen becomes extremely crowded, and you’re constantly dodging, but you still need to pay attention to a few things on the top screen.
    It somehow doesn’t feel awkward, missing an entire half of the combat, because of the difficulty on the second boss.
    And the game lets you select your difficulty and tweak your stats lower, outside of combat, for different and more rewards.
    So there’s a whole ton of replayibility.

    I genuinely might just buy the Switch, because TWEWY is getting a special edition for it, in the future.
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  2. Corraidhín

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    Wow, that sounds like a pretty fun, and impressive boss fight! great use of the double screen on their part as well, if it werent because I dont have that much free time nowadays, I would totally give that game a shot, just to experience that boss fight.
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  3. PaxCallow

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    someone might have said this already, but i think my favorite boss, presentation-wise, would be Photoshop Flowey. the art shift, the music, everything. still sends shivers down me spine.

    hardest would be a toughie, but i guess technically it would be this one boss in cave story that prevented me from progressing any further in the game and that i still haven't gotten past to this day? it's my hardest boss in that i literally have not beaten it. i really should go back to cave story.
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  4. Corraidhín

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    Hmm... I remember struggling against the Island's core boss (I think it was fourth, or sixth boss?) in Cave Story+ playing on hard difficulty, took me a few days to defeat it but I was so exhausted from it, I decided to not keep going. Really fun game though.

    Oh Flowey is quite the Jack-in-a-Box, entering His World to right some wrongs lead to a very fascinating confrontation, I was just as surprised!
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