What's the most cruel thing you've ever done in a video game?

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    That's all.
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  2. Waffle-Chan

    Waffle-Chan Oxygen Tank

    While wandering through the wasteland this happened:

    Here's something you should know: In this run I was trying to get a
    Quantum from ever location in the game.

    I found the kid in the fridge and brought him home to his parents. I saw that they had a Nuka Cola Quantum and decided to steal it. What I didn't know was that this Nuka Cola was bugged, so matter who far I dragged it they would get agro. So I kill 'em and stole their Nuka Cola. I'm not proud of this, but I had to have that Nuka Cola Quantum...
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  3. JoshieWoshy

    JoshieWoshy Void-Bound Voyager

    Does starting a reign of tyranny, pillaging lands, capturing innocent workers, reducing cites to rubble and make life a overall misery count in Civ 5?
  4. SDVFan

    SDVFan Space Hobo

    I used to kill my sims all the time... yea I was cruel.
  5. not an eldritch beast

    not an eldritch beast Orbital Explorer

    I once killed a lot of dogs in skyrim but before I'd kill them I'd kill their owners (If I could find them) capture their souls enchant a weapon then kill the dog with the weapon why? because I love being evil.
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    LOL BALL Phantasmal Quasar

    Well, I mean you're TOTALLY not an eldritch beast.
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  7. scotti

    scotti Seal Broken

    In Ragnarok Online, there are some spots where you would be able to go to if you use the Teleport skill or use the item Fly Wing. Landing on these spots is purely random and once you're there, you'll be stuck unless you have the Teleport skill or the item Fly Wing. So what I do is go to these spots, save the coordinates, then create Warp Portals in the Town. If someone enters the portals, they'll be stuck there. So I follow them then open a pub: "Warp for 100K"....
  8. Tlactl

    Tlactl Zero Gravity Genie

    Honestly all of the cruel things I can think of were me killing my friends in multiplayer in like 8 different games
  9. AngleWyrm

    AngleWyrm Starship Captain

    One of the guests I rescued for a villager gave me a tough quest to kill some robbers, and then just stuck themselves in the front doorway, like some mousey Amway salesman wanting to ask me if I had time to talk about cheeses. After a few irritating attempts at that quest, I dug a little pit under the doorway and dropped some lava in it.

    As he burned to death, he howled that I had failed his quest, and then cried that he had failed to protect his friend from the robbers. I said goodbye by thanking him for the motivation to upgrade my armor. I'll probably make a gravestone to serve his memory.
  10. Tyle

    Tyle Zero Gravity Genie

    Okay guys, hear me out on this.

    Back when Sims 2 was all the rage, me, like many kids who were then new to the whole 'life and death at your whim' thing, decided to make an entire family of eight wholly dedicated to dying in all ways imaginable(as many as the game could provide, that was) and had the remaining survivor live out the rest of her life surrounded by multicolored ghosts.

    But that wasn't what I wanted to talk about today.

    You see, during that time, I wasn't very good at maintaining needs so I had cheats enabled to keep them up 24/7, and I wasn't any good at house designs neither. After a while I got bored and I decided to build a mansion with a hedge maze the same size as the building behind it, and those who've played S2 would know, hedges need trimming. Everyday, this survivor would go out and start chopping twigs off of her grass maze. ALL DAY LONG. And the maze was so impractically big it would take literally days to finish trimming it clean. More importantly, by the time she finished the job, the block where she started would have gone overgrown and needed to be trimmed again. So there she was, forever trapped in a hedge maze that needed to be trimmed, never hungry nor tired, and just within reach of a mansion occupied by the ghost of her dead friends.

    I don't know what hell is like, but if I have to imagine it, it would probably be shaped like that one particular 50x100 Sims 2 lot I created a decade ago.
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  11. MrVauxs

    MrVauxs Existential Complex


    This one is not mine but its ridiculus
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  12. Roskii Falfeather

    Roskii Falfeather Ketchup Robot

    In Red Dead Redemption, I suspected a black jack dealer of cheating. So, I tied his legs and drug him around town. Then I tied him up and put him on the back of my horse. We rode out to a cliff. I then shot the horse, making him fall and shot him on the way down.
  13. Eralia

    Eralia Subatomic Cosmonaut

    yesterday i found a glitch village which was burning because of the weather and the glitch here were angry at me for things i didnt do
    i found a bunch of metal chickens and killed them all
  14. Arcadoof

    Arcadoof Star Wrangler

    In Minecraft I went into spectator mode and floated around near my brother and used commands to screw up his secret lair door whilst spawning hundreds of bats
  15. Halon

    Halon Subatomic Cosmonaut

    In the original Splatoon, whenever I played blaster I actively hunted down the people playing charger.:hylotl::V To my name, I have had at least 10 enemy players disconnect mid-match:fireball: due to one blind around-the-corner splat or one hail-mary disruptor throw too many ruining their day.:whoop:

    Due to the new balances in the sequel, (and some heavy skill degradation on my end:zombie::rip::rock:,) I'm less prone to those stompy moments; but once in a while, I pick up a heavy splatling and proceed to lay down the LAW:meowhaha: of ranged weaponry.:catdealwithit:
  16. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Black Hole Surfer

    In BL2 I keep tapping enemies with my car to keep them down.
    In Skyrim I level up my stamina to ungodly levels and slowly shieldbash enemies to death.
    In Fallout 3 I only ever V.A.T.S. my enemies' weapon.
  17. doubledeathrainbow

    doubledeathrainbow Big Damn Hero

    You need to have your persetion very high to be hable to do that lol...
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  18. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Black Hole Surfer

    Yeah but just imagine the scene of this guy pulling 50 guns off his friends corpses as one guy Leppard shooting them out of his hands.
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  19. ruddthree

    ruddthree Space Penguin Leader

    From recent memory, the worst thing I've done is intentionally kill a bystander, after I accidentally hit him with my sword.

    A close second is pissing off a female character, which seems to be the hardest on my emotional state. 'Might as well be murder...of a friendship.
    "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"
  20. Jellyman

    Jellyman Big Damn Hero

    Produced 100 dogs and sent them to death in Red Alert 3

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