What year does Starbound take place?

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  1. Sgt. Sprocket

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    Just a random question that interested me.
    In Starbound, what year is it? Like, how far into the future are we going?
    Considering the races it would have to be at least 2300-ish, but that's just my guess.

    When do you guys think the events of Starbound occurred?

    (Most people say we are writing history, but technically we are witting the future, woot :DD)
  2. Ghostar

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  3. I don't think the fact that there are other humanoid races means it has to be 300 years from today. In theory, they also exist at our present; we're just not in contact with them.
  4. Mokunen

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    Well, if we accept that universes separate from our own can exist, and that they are infinitely many, then everything each one of us plays out in-game not only can, but will directly correlate to events in other universes, and they will be happening, somewhere, at exactly the same time as you play. In other words, we'll be writing the fate of universes... so tread softly.
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  5. Epicface

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    "The Future."


    "The Future, ladies and gentlement.. the future."
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  6. Sgt. Sprocket

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  7. Zody

    Zody Weight of the Sky

    in the yeaaar 2525 if maaan is still aliiiive
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  8. The Demon of Borders

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    I love philosophy. Thanks for this little bit of art.
  9. It takes place in the year N^2(32+M)/3M, where N is equal to the number of stars in our universe at this very second you're reading this, and M is equal to the number of stars in Starbound.
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  10. no, it's exponential
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  11. Evinagro

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    i believe the year 9001 is reasonable
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  12. Passarbye

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    :iswydt: i see wat u did dere...
  13. Epicroyal

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    Yeah, probably after the Star-Wars era. Or before it.. Depends how you look at it when you see recreation of primal weapons.
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  14. Fauznaut

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    In the distant future of 2025....

    Old future movies man.
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  15. Perhaps it starts on an alternate timeline where Space travel was incorporated much earlier.
  16. Klengo

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    I feel what time Starbound takes place in is irrelevant. It simply takes place in the future, perhaps in a galaxy far, far away...
  17. In the distant future, the year 2000...

  18. Robert2812

    Robert2812 Star Wrangler

    Don't worry I got the Zager and Evans reference.
  19. Maybe Starbond will take place in a new age, after Anno Domini , and the year count would have been reseted by then.

    It could be year 68 N.E. (Neo Epoch) ?

    Or perhaps it will be set in an alternate universe where the timeline is completely different than ours. I guess we'll have to wait to find out. :p
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  20. Fauznaut

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