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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AMagicFlyingTurd, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. AMagicFlyingTurd

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    It's the beginning of summer in my second year. I still have things to upgrade and bundles to make and all that, but I've been noticing online all this stuff like stardrops and mass production of Irdium ore. I do plan to get a statue of perfection, but I'm going to wait until I think I'm ready and use a diamond so I don't have to worry about time limit. I've got a single upgrade on my house, a big coop with 3 chickens, 1 void chicken, and one duck. I've got a big barn with 3 cows and a goat. I'm married to Leah (and I already got the stardrop from her). I'm at lvl 100 in the mines and got the stardrop from that. I have a gold pick, and steel on all other tools. Here's my current daily routine:

    Collect chicken eggs and put them into mayo machines. Milk cows (and goat) and put milk in cheese machine. Water and/or pick crops. Put what I have in the 6 kegs I have if they're open and the one preserves jar. Go to the blacksmith/museum/store if I need a new tool or geodes broken, to donate, or to buy more seeds respectively. Go to beach and change out my 4 crab pots. Forage on the right side of the beach. Go back home and change out mayo and cheese machines. Go to the hidden spot in the forest for a daily supply of hardwood. This leaves me at about 3:30 pm when I can go to the mines or do whatever else I want.

    I have no sprinklers, but I don't focus a whole lot on farming to make money. After giving you all this (probably useless) info, I want to know: what should I do with the remaining half of my day every day? What should I focus on progressing?

    PS I only have the foraging set of bundles complete, but I've partially completed other sets. I'm currently focusing on the seasonal crops sets.
    • Melyssa1023

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      Mining, mining like a madman. Repair the bus and get the Skull Key, then loot the hell out of the Skull Cavern in Calico Desert. Also, make bombs. Lots and lots of bombs, you'll need them for the Cavern.

      You could also try befriending the rest of the villagers.
      • AMagicFlyingTurd

        AMagicFlyingTurd Space Hobo

        How do I get the skull key.
        • everfreefire

          everfreefire Big Damn Hero

          Get to the bottom of the normal mines.
          • AMagicFlyingTurd

            AMagicFlyingTurd Space Hobo

          • wotwotwot

            wotwotwot Master Chief

            reach the bottom of the mine
            • kidkid123

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              LOL..i finished the mines in my first year summer last days..and i had like 250 blueberries..- i would water the crops-heal at the spa-go to mines-:))
              • mrobake

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                Fill in the library collections, catch all fish, make tons of money (CA mentioned he will make a feature to sewer dump massive gold), get all bundle collected, and finally beautify your farm.

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