What Starbound really need (sorry for my bad english)

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    So here are some "Ideas" to make Starbound more Fun,Realistic AND immersive.


    We need at least 5 Levels of Backpacks that we can build at high cost (higher tier crafting table and rare items)
    as an wearable item.
    To not broke the Game,we need for this an new slot so we can wear oxygen or light sources at the same time.
    I think 8,16,24,32 and 40 slots for backpacks would be ok.

    Sort Items in Storage and Backpacks

    We need the same Option we have in our Inventory to sort things in Backpacks and Storage.

    Stack able Food,more Info on food when we consume it and sleep affect hunger

    Food must be stack able pls, and when we eat them the first time we get more information out of it like
    how much hunger we defeat with it and what effects we get out of them.
    This info is shown after we eat an food item the first time.
    When you sleep your hunger goes down slower.

    Ceiling Mounted Sprinkler and watering when walking

    It should be possible to walk when we use the watering pot and we need an Sprinkler that can imitate rain BUT indoors :D

    Mobs that has an life.....

    I want mobs that hunt friendly mobs when the see them,mobs that sleep and i can sneak up to to make an critical hit.Mobs that can panic when i reduce to fast their HP and run away.Mobs that get so angry when the see you kill an friend of them that they don't care what happens to them and charge you as long as they live and you are not dead.
    Child versions of every mob and they can walk and jump so they don't get stuck in very small holes.
    All Mobs need falling damage and more of them need unique sounds.

    Super special Boss Mobs that can spawn on any Planet plus an Mini-Quest for it.
    Called Monster Hunter ;)
    For the far late Game.

    When you teleport to an planet that chances are very very low to meet an Special Boss Mob.
    This kind of enemy has special skills like,gravity manipulation,weather manipulation or can only be harmed by an very specific weapon some can even dig through materials/walls.
    The reward from killing this special Boss is not only an Card with the Avatar of the Boss Monster on it.
    You even get an Medal with an specific symbol on it like Fire,Water,Wings,Poison and so on.
    All based on what kind of Monster you have killed,you need to find 8 Medals with an unique Symbol on it.
    You can stick this Medals to an Wall item like an Trophy.
    When you have collected all medals for every slot in the Trophy wall item you get the coordinates to an specific planet where an old "Monster hunter" is giving you your reward.
    You get pixels,and specific cool looking Cosmetic Set (that is not ingame yet) AND the option to hunt down as an bounty hunter legendary "Monster Hunter" as an Quest.
    You need to Hunt down 5 of these "Monster Hunter"
    You get Hints from the old "Monster Hunter" where you can find the first one.(the hints and the places are random)

    Each Monster Hunter you kill gives you Pixels,an Action Figure of Himself and hints where you can find the next
    "Monster hunter" (the hints and the places are random)
    Each "Monster Hunter" uses an Mech and you need to find him in an big dungeon that is "made" fore mechs.

    When you have killed all Monster Hunters,the old Monster Hunter(NPC) gives you an item that looks like an portray of you,in the middle is not an static paper, its like an hologram that change his appearance with yours so it always looks like you.
    At the bottom of the border of this item you can hang on the wall is an text that shows you name and the text
    "Monster Hunter Master"

    You can hang it where every you want :)

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