What really should be the battle on space ships?

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    NETUSIL Tentacle Wrangler

    Everything is very simple! (Not really)

    I believe that at this moment the space station is absolutely useless,
    since all the resources I need and the craft stations easily fit on my ship.
    To solve the problem of uselessness of the station, I offer an excellent combat system for space ships!

    1. Spaceships
    With the improvement of the ship, we get more space and use it to store loot and trinkets.
    I fundamentally disagree. A spaceship is a combat unit, not a warehouse for your junk!
    I propose to introduce modules for the ship, which can be placed in any of the rooms at your discretion. (If, of course, there is enough space in the selected room for this module)

    2. Modules
    Modules can be divided into 3 types: attack, defense, support.
    Attacking modules, of course, will be different weapons.
    The defense will be energy barriers, missile defense systems, as well as more primitive protection systems, such as armor plates, etc.
    The support will be generators, as well as various modules that will simplify the battle (for example, the AI system, with which you can set the action for the crew members when the necessary conditions are created. For example, your generator was broken, and the NPC is following the command to repair it)
    Also in the support modules, you can add the hacking system of the enemy teleport. This way you can teleport your crew, or yourself to board an enemy ship, take him to the boarding, and prevent the enemy from leading the battle, killing the members of the enemy crew and destroying the modules of his ship.
    (As long as I give a general idea of space battles, if you like the idea, we can come up with a lot of cool things together.)

    If you successfully attack an enemy ship, you can rob him. If they destroy you, other players can also rob you. Repair of the ship will occur automatically by crew members for some time. It will also be possible to repair modules during the battle, (add some simple minigame, where you need to assemble a puzzle or something like that, and the more complex the module, the more difficult the puzzle will be) Nps will repair the modules on their own, this will take some time. You just need to ask them such a command in the AI.
    It will also be possible to pump your team in the crew’s training room. Training will take some time, but this way it will be possible to increase the speed of repair of modules, etc.

    I would like to see space battles as a strategic game. If you agree with me, and you like this idea, then I would like to see the feedback, then I will describe everything in more detail ^^ I have a lot of thoughts on this matter!
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  2. enemarius86

    enemarius86 Cosmic Narwhal

    Great think to put some use on the space station. Also space battles with your own ship Is somethink I long await
  3. theflamingchuthulu

    theflamingchuthulu Big Damn Hero

    I'd love this!

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