What NPC who isn't marriageable would you like to see available?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Borodin, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Borodin

    Borodin Master Astronaut

    And no, I don't mean available for a fee from a street corner. Please, get your mind out of the gutter. Really, some people.

    No, I mean all of the currently non-marriageable folk. Jodi? Marnie? Marlon? Hell, Krobus?
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    • TaleSpinnerGames

      TaleSpinnerGames Space Penguin Leader

      Gus. He's an established, mature business owner, a great cook, and has a warm and generous heart.
      • L3W15

        L3W15 Space Hobo

        Linus lol why not
        • Saraneth

          Saraneth Zero Gravity Genie

          Linus, Willy, Marnie, Sandy, Gus, Wizard, Witch.

          Clint, with the caveat that his cut scenes reveal him gaining a sense of self-worth and independence.

          Alternately, I'd like to see a "younger" bachelor or bachelorette be unavailable for pairing, with maybe a mention of being aro or simply uninterested.
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          • musical74

            musical74 Cosmic Narwhal

            If we are OK with breaking up married couples, Caroline and Jodi. Caroline just because I think Pierre's too focused on his shop and Caroline deserves more attention than Pierre is willing to give. Jodi because Kent is MIA the first year and Jodi seems to function fine without him - I suspect Jodi and Kent married when Jodi was like 18 and had kids immediately, give that Jodi doesn't look older than 40. Plus Kent's attitude suggests that Kent's been gone for years, if a farmer that's been in town a year knows the kids better than their own father.

            If only unmarried people are allowed, I'll go with two older folks - Marnie and Gus. I MIGHT include Pam and Clint but Pam's alcoholism is a huge turn off for me, and Clint's being so shy and withdrawn gets annoying. Gus is friendly to everyone, has a good heart, and is established. Marnie because I think she would do better having someone that loves her and isn't afraid to show it. She seems to have a caring heart and she since we share a love of animals...
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            • Pangaearocks

              Pangaearocks Space Spelunker

              Robin, without a doubt.
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              • Lilliput

                Lilliput Oxygen Tank

                Gunther. Snappy dresser, the quiet type, well-groomed, smart and attentive.

                Plus, y'know, librarians are good between the covers.

                Just say'n.
                • ShneekeyTheLost

                  ShneekeyTheLost Spaceman Spiff

                  Sandy. Left all alone in her oasis shop, single, pen-pals with Emily. Give her a chance to develop some more backstory, yanno?
                  • ValleyBoi

                    ValleyBoi Zero Gravity Genie

                    Clint and Sandy. Clint is cute <3
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                    • Sventex

                      Sventex Subatomic Cosmonaut

                      Robin. I think there could be a very interesting story going down that route.

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                      • Clovis_Sangrail

                        Clovis_Sangrail Astral Cartographer

                        Pam. Not to marry, no, but I would like to buy her a few bottles of wine in the tavern, then take back to the farm for a ride on the old baloney pony.

                        Or back to her place for a little trailer rockin' love.

                        Who knows? Maybe Penny will be home. Imagine the mathematical permutations in a Pam and Penny trailer romp.
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                        • Cramped Sultana

                          Cramped Sultana Big Damn Hero

                          Wouldn't mind marrying Clint or The Wizard. The reaction from the Wizard's ex-wife could be really funny. Or your choice of George or Evelyn. Can you imagine George's reaction if Granny dumps him for a nubile young woman?
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                          • Saraneth

                            Saraneth Zero Gravity Genie

                            or man
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                            • musical74

                              musical74 Cosmic Narwhal

                              Forgot about Sandy, yeah she'd ne a good one for dating too. She clearly likes the farmer and even though she's blocked at the very beginning given I can usually get the bus running by the Stardew Valley fair in Y1, she's not that far behind the others in being friends anyway. Maybe if you are friends with Emily there's a friendship boost with Sandy because Emily's been gushing about this new farmer that's really made things more exciting?

                              Another possibility is the dwarf. Sure he (I view the dwarf as male) is a little rough around the edges, but if you start to befriend him he shows a more tender side. If you lose in the mines after you and the dwarf are good friends you lose the "item penalty" if the dwarf finds you (he sees you go into the mines, didn't see you leave, and became worried) because the dwarf seeks out the missing items and returns them to you. Still have the money and level penalty, and still have the item penalty if it's Robin or Linus that finds you. Just the idea of a human/dwarf pairing is strange but if Abby loves eating amethysts...why not?
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                              • Reneeisxena

                                Reneeisxena Sandwich Man

                                I've always wished that Linus was available. I kinda like that hermit, he's the first one I always make friends with and he's always grateful for any gift I give him. Plus he probably cleans up nice, shave that beard and cut the hair, he might be a real catch. Also it be nice for him to live in a real house and not a tent. Gus is nice and he cooks really well. Clint is a little too shy for my tastes. The Wizard might be really fun, he could move the tower to the farm and things would get done by magic.
                                As for the single females, well I know Pam is a drinker, but the right man could save that alcoholic and she could put the trailer on the farm. Sandy is very pretty but she has a job in the desert and that would be a huge commute everyday.
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                                • Pangaearocks

                                  Pangaearocks Space Spelunker

                                  Does the hat-seller have a name? Maybe she/him.

                                  Given the above post, perhaps Pam and the Wizard ought to hook up. Pam already drives like the devil.
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                                  • BentFX

                                    BentFX Big Damn Hero

                                    I really don't want to rain on the thread, but myself, rather than more eligible marriage candidates, I'd like to see work on the dialogue and interaction with the existing spouses. Spouses seem to be quick to ask if you're ready for the fair, but they never notice when you win first place. If it's midnight and your spouse is already sleeping when you go to bed, it would be nice to have them roll over to face you, and say something nice. It would be nice if your spouse initiated conversations. It would be nice if your spouse popped up a speech bubble saying "Hey you! :D" if you passed them in town.

                                    As far as I've seen Abigail is the only marriage candidate that even notices you completed the community center, and other than that, none of them seem to have any sort of clue what you do day-to-day. I did see Emily once say that she saw Pierre selling our melons, and that they looked good. But still, if you put 100,000g worth of Starfruit wine into the sell box, or kill 100 slimes in a day, your spouse should at least promise you special favors.
                                    • Lilliput

                                      Lilliput Oxygen Tank

                                      Ooh, baby, is that slime I see on your sword? Come to bed... don't bother washing up.

                                      • blOgre

                                        blOgre Astral Cartographer

                                        Add slimes to marriage candidates, give that slime hutch a real purpose. Be a weird farm pervert and get acid burns on your soft bits.
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                                        • Lilliput

                                          Lilliput Oxygen Tank

                                          That escalated quickly!

                                          (That on the heels of my last post was a case of, 'oh, yeah? I'll see your slime perversity and raise you /this/.' Well done, I think.)
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