What is Wanderlust: Adventures?

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  1. Leth

    Leth Risk of Rain & Wanderlust

    The following is an excerpt from Wanderlust Adventures Development Log #11 [link]:

    "Hello all!

    For this update we'd like to list the numerous differences between Wanderlust: Rebirth (which is currently available) and our upcoming Wanderlust Adventures game. Though most people out there might label Wanderlust Adventures a "sequel", we feel that this game will offer an experience so different that it would be wrong to do so.

    This has prompted us to name our next game "Wanderlust Adventures" instead of "Wanderlust: Rebirth 2". The following is a list of features from Rebirth - which are being carried over into the Adventures - along with how they've been changed."

    • Graphically Enhanced Menus *
    • Fast-Paced Combat
    • Non-Linear Free-Roam Experience (Adventure Mode) *
    • Experience calculated at the end of each battle *
    • Skill points distributed at any time *
    • Normal and Epic Modes *
    • 4 Unique Classes (with many changes/upgrades) *
    • 2 New Characters per Class + Color Customization *
    • Level-Based Progression with Skill-Based Bonuses *
    • Ability to hire and level-up most npcs (single & co-op) *
    • Randomized Encounters *
    • Random Loot Drops with Optional Crafting *
    • 6 Different Gear + Gems *
    • Up to 30 Inventory Slots + Gear Comparison Menu *
    • World Map Menu *
    • Re-designed Awards Menu *
    • Integrated Hotkey Menu into re-designed Skills Menu *
    • Each level earns a Skill point to distribute *
    • Most Skills max out at Skill Level 3 *
    • Randomized Dungeons *
    • Night/Day System *
    • Drop-in and Drop-out play in overworld *
    * Feature differs from Wanderlust: Rebirth
    > This list is incomplete; not all our planned features are listed here.

    "So as you can see, we've been working hard to augment, improve, and sometimes even completely re-design many elements of the game from Rebirth to Adventures; all of which was based on user feedback."

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    • Leth

      Leth Risk of Rain & Wanderlust

      An open-world, non-linear adventure with random encounters and events every time you play!

      Wanderlust: Adventures
      is the "successor" to Wanderlust: Rebirth - We believe that the experience offered in Adventures will be what every Rebirth player dreamed of.

      You'll be able to...
      • Adventure across a huge world map, discovering new locations and events every time you play (roughly 40% of the world map is randomized each time you play).
      • Fast-paced combat which caters to both casual and advanced players:
        • Advanced players may travel to the harder areas of the game as soon as they want, attempting to earn awards for fighting with flair and multiply their rewards. Epic Mode and challenging dungeons await you!
        • Casual players can stay away from enemies that they have difficulties defeating and play at their own speed, exploring the wonders that our world has to offer (you are no longer required to 'fight with style' in order to advance your character, it will just be quicker for those who do).
      • Seek out treasures, explore new dungeons, and face new encounters every time you play.
        • Loot is randomized.
        • Enemy spawns are randomized.
        • Dungeon layouts (and even a large portion of the world map) are randomized every time you start a new game.
      • Open-ended gameplay, with quest-lines at the various outposts in the world for players who need more "direction".
      • Collect new item blueprints, jewelry designs and even companion contracts...
        • Hire Enemy NPCs as allies in town - give gifts to your companions level them up!
      • Hunting enemies not only increases your chance to find their Companion Contract, but it also contributes towards completing your 'Hunting Log'...
        • Tracks your total kills per enemy and earn bonus experience when you breach the kill-threshold!
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      • Leth

        Leth Risk of Rain & Wanderlust

        If you want to keep up on the progress of Wanderlust Adventures, D2king10 and I stream while we work on the game (twitch).

        (Matthew Griffin - Coding)

        (Jason Gordy - Art)


        (Lauren Feehery - Art)

        Here, we work on the game in real-time while immediately responding to fans questions, critiques, and suggestions. We also make general commentary about Game Development and the Indie Industry as a whole, so if you're interested in these things then be sure to follow us!
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