What is the max health? || How do I get/remove this egg?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chooper, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Chooper

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    Hey guys, just wanna know what is the max health. I know you start at 100 and you get +5 for every level on your combat skill and that there are two skills that adds more.
    I'm currently level 9 so that's a +45, hovering over the skill shows me it is indeed +45 and I took the fighter skill so that's another +15.

    100 + 45 +15 = 160. Simple math, right?

    But instead it shows me I have 215 health, I noticed it when I was in panic mode in the Skull Cave, paused the game to reorganize my items, get my food ready and to plan where I am to run for a breather to eat. Those damn flying snakes I tell you.

    So what am I missing here, is something wrong or did I just miss something somewhere?

    Bonus question: How do I remove this egg that surprisingly hasn't rot yet?

    It appeared one day on my first year, either late Spring or early Summer but I just ignored it, now I'm in my Summer of the second year and it's driving me nuts!

    I'm pretty sure if I demolish the building it will go away with it but I have invested so much that it's not a Deluxe Coop and I am currently saving to get the Furniture Catalogue from hot momma Robin.
    You see I just recently married the best girl in town that is Penny and just last night we did the do and are expecting our first baby sometime soon, as the man of the house I cannot be willy nilly spending all my money and getting stressed out over an egg that's out of reach.

    Help me out here?

    EDIT: Maxed combat to level 10 and I still have 215 health

    tl;dr: what is max health why do I have 215 how to destroy one year old egg pixel me can't reach StardewModdingAPI 2016-12-07 19-38-50-24.png StardewModdingAPI 2016-12-07 19-38-43-26.png
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    • nevyn21

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      Have you tried moving the coop to a different location? You'll have to go to Robin to try to move it to a new location. Not sure if it'll help but it's worth a shot. It can always be moved back.
      • Chooper

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        Doesn't remove it, sadly. I think every building you own has it's own code so whatever is inside is saved even if moved :/
        • nevyn21

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        • Justin93Daniels

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          I know it's been a while since this was updated, but I should probably mention this exploit for future problems with "Unremovable Items".
          First, grab a sword. Next, stand near the entrance.
          Keep swinging the sword. You'll keep moving forward a tiny bit, and you won't trigger the "Exit" function since you aren't "Moving". Keep swinging until your head is basically outside of the doorway, and you'll be past the border.
          Finally, run to the egg and pick it up, then walk "Inside" the entrance again. You'll be teleported outside, and can now get rid of that egg! ^_^

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