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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChaoticGamer, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. ChaoticGamer

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    What if that dark soul got mix with starbound?

    Pretty much in my mind I picture as in name title "SoulBound" where adventure never ends, melee, arrows, you know no tech high equal lasting long forever unending game play....its like sandbox of bloodborne accept this is dark soul has its own sandbox now. The possible ability will go beyond of possible mind of stages also possible endless weapons and armors being also regentived as well along with the trip.

    It be crazy if such thing ever happen.

    huh sure shoot me in the knee, for not pointing this could be rich instance gold. Suuuurrreeee thx for zero reply. It would be awesome...if such thing happen...dark souls in 2D, hell few games has some.
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  2. Vith

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    Then it would be Starbound mix with that of a Dark Soul. Instead of a ship, you start off in a nearly dark room, and you meet a creepy wizard (instead of a ship AI) asking you to retrieve the necronomicon. Your journey will be based on your search for the necronomicon, and the final boss is Cthulhu.
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    I think the reason for the lack of replies is that your first post is poorly written and we don't really understand what you're saying. :c
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