what heppens when you use too many mods......

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    well, first thing to clear out of the way: i have way much mods then its recommended too (i have about 40-50 active).
    secend thing to clear out: im playing glad giraffe stable update 3.
    i found out that too many mods make other mods be disabled. ive installed a few new mods and realized they arent even active.
    ive tried admin mod and tabula rasa but they both seem useless. then ive deleted a few mods and the other mods activated.
    (else, to curious readers: there is a list of the active mods on the start screen but i dident saw my new mods there too)

    else, im looking for a good artist that can help me with textures, because im working hard on a new mod.
    contact me if your intrested.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1451155506][/DOUBLEPOST]my bad.
    ive installd mods for update 3 and enter starbound update 1 LOL
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