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What features do YOU want added?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Lavender Aces, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Lavender Aces

    Lavender Aces Space Spelunker

    So I just joined the forums today, and I want to see what kinds of things are making their rounds in the community as to features people want added? Lemme know!

    Personally, I'd like to see a full set of old fashioned weapons [old fashioned revolver, tommy gun, etc] to go with the vintage scoped rifle [which I use frequently]. My idea was that this hypothetical old fashioned set should be found as rare loot in a Novakid Dungeon. I don't play as Novakid, but I'd still like to see dungeons for their race. I'm thinking some kind of abandoned and/or haunted mine?

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Corleone

    Corleone Space Spelunker

    Villages could use some love.
    Little minigames like gambling, jousting, clay pigeon shooting, ect could spice them up.
    And more interactable objects for npc's could help make villages feel more alive visually.
    95% of objects are just for sitting or sleeping.
    Things like meditation matts for Hylotl or
    rodeo machine for Novakids just to name a few ideas.

    Also I would like more Sci fi themed dungeons and biomes.
  3. Space_explorer

    Space_explorer Phantasmal Quasar

    well things what i would like to see:

    1) A system that work like this: when you start the game you are in some sort of "neutrality" side, characters like cultists, raiders, and thiefs attack you like they do right now in the game, villagers act same as now, they give you advice about behave well or face the consquences, however you can attack them (unlike now) killing them, or stealing stuff from their villager add you a -1 to your neutrality, and more negative points mean you now are on the same cateogry as the villains now on the "bad side" you dont get attacked by any space pirate you can find around the universe, they also could give you unique quests like attacking village, and any sort of quests that mean harms villagers (even caught villagers and bring them to the cultists, villains, whatever), this of course would make that any village you find around the galaxy would be afraid of you and will attack you as soon you enter to their village, this also could add some sort of space police that its looking for you because your crimes,

    this of course its entirely optional (but just to add a bit more depth to make it interesting) if you get defeated by them could happen two things, you either get killed and nothing happens like now) or you get caught and transfered to a prison (Like the USCM ones) but instead being abandoned and overrun of prisoners, you find yourself in a fresh one with prison mates and guards around, of course all your items and cosmetic are removed so you cant escape easily, but in your cell you can find a chest with a small spoon or something to dig out from there, lets say that digging out to your freedoom should take the same time you would spent in jail for your crimes (not a lot though maybe like 2 minutes) lets say if you decide to escape, digging would take you 2 minutes and trying to escape without pay for your crimes you will keep your "bad side" points so police will keep looking for you,

    but if you decide to stay and pay for your crimes, then after 2 minutes you are set out of jail and all your bad points are removed and now you are again on neutrality once again.

    to get back your stuff its just only need to escape or stay in jail until you are free of charges. to make it this work the prison should work like an instance (like missions) so once you are out of there returning back to your ship will give you back all your stuff. of course to make things interesting if you try to escape, guards would notice it and will chase it you.

    you can also can remove neutrality points or bad points if you keep helping villagers, so you can get on the "good side" and getting a high "good points" would earn you some sort of "protectorate" grade where the more good you are, the more dangerous guys you will face, lets say you earn such title and now instead finding those 5 cultists or bandits you find in every planet, now you will find now them with mechs this mean: more dangerous, hard to kill since now you are a threat for them. this also could give the instance prison like another place to get quest like bounting hunting, and unlike the "bounting hunting" that some NPC give to you,

    then once they are defeated will try to escape and even could try to bribe you so you can let them escape and in case player accept it, will make the quest fail and remove some points of your "good side". in case they escape you can try track them where they escape (as if they escape will leave a note with coordinates where they escape like if someone give them such coordinate in case someone look a bounty of them) and in case players decide to go after them they have higher chances to get attacked by spaces pirates while traveling in the ship (even neutrals can get attacked by space pirates but no so often as bad guys can get attacked by space police)

    rewards could be merely unique cosmetics or even unique ink colors which you cant craft but hace neat efects that can add to your costumes, like some sort of ink auras or what i know im not a fashion idea guy.

    2) some crew changes: i liked that starbound 1.0 bring crew to our ships but feels a bit... well kinda sad, i mean we have medics, janitors, mechanics, engineers, etc. but they cant do anything unless i bring them in my party which well its ok, but you know when i hear crews i imagine some sort for example: lets say a explorer which if you recruit they explore the planet and they get back after like 1-2 minutes in the ship despite if you are there or not (or even if you decide to go to explore) and whey they get back, they give you a text with the most interesting things in the planet and the dangers you could face there, also a map with interesting building around the planet, and with low chance a random item which its from the planet biome.

    or miners: like they will ask you a certain amount of pixel for the tools they would need to get some ores you can find in the planet of course they wouldnt mine a lot and also would get random ores so you cant get specific ores. but should be enough to make 2 or 3 bars ores frm the ore they mine, this could be interesting if they can mine unique ores you cant find anywhere and are used for unique armors or weapons, but you will have to pay more if you want such unique ores (or even pay in diamonds + pixel) this way we make a sink for diamonds and pixels.

    you know i would like to see crew do something like the engineer or the mechanic, but a bit more lively.

    and those are the ones that comes in my mind for now will edit the post if i get more things i would like to see
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
  4. Lavender Aces

    Lavender Aces Space Spelunker

    I like the idea of little minigames! Maybe there could be one for each race, and you can only play them in villages? For instance, a dancing minigame in Hylotl underwater cities?

    I also really like the idea of themed furniture with different functions other than sitting and sleeping! I'd like to see your ideas added :)
  5. Lavender Aces

    Lavender Aces Space Spelunker

    Interesting! The good/bad system would be a massive game mechanic, and I think it would be really fun if implemented well. I personally didn't play on Starbound 1.0, could you enlighten me as to what that was like?
  6. Sharp(JQ)

    Sharp(JQ) Pangalactic Porcupine

    1)Ammunition for the weapons.
    2)Colonies for humans.
    3)Customizable weapons, for example, the ability to replace the flashlight with a bayonet or grenade launcher.
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  7. STCW262

    STCW262 Ketchup Robot

    1: More vehicles (Not just the ones I suggested) and more or less everything in my signature (With any balance issues fixed).
    2: Colony Deed GUIs. The GUI would allow the player to disable and enable tags so it would be actually possible to control which tenants will be summoned (For example, this would mean that you can get Scientist NPCs more easily, as most of the furniture that has their tag also causes Miniknog Scientists to be spawned).
    3: More minigames. Not only would there be gaming consoles and in-universe video games, but the arcade machines would be usable.
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  8. Sharp(JQ)

    Sharp(JQ) Pangalactic Porcupine

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  9. Tamorr

    Tamorr Oxygen Tank

    One thing I would like is to be able to make my own codex like logs or something like that. Making my own books. Within game, that would have the limits of codex entries; and even have its' own section maybe for custom books.

    I know modding you can make books that way, but that is not personal enough for the characters I would play. Something similar to notepad type process. I'd like it in the default game to make a book and be able to write in it. (Note I haven't seen a mod that does something like this yet.)

    In a way that would be one step towards director mode that I would ultimately like to see in the future. :nuruhappy:
  10. maestro kitty

    maestro kitty Space Spelunker

    Finding wormholes in space would be awesome! They could be found on their own in the cosmos, and going through one could bring you to a random star system.

    With the space travel update coming up soon, it might just be feasible with mods.
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  11. Mythril-Jelly

    Mythril-Jelly Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    A few misc ideas on my mind lately... Mostly about colonies and terraforming. More control over your worlds... World domination! I mean, uh...

    City planets: Rare worlds absolutely covered in buildings, and the background reflects that. Some are in better condition than others, ranging from fully colonized and populated worlds like an Apex cyberpunk city to polluted and damaged slums, all the way to the Scorched City we know of now. Monsters don't spawn in active city worlds unless they are in very bad shape.

    Pottery/Planter table: A way to craft pots, bottles, and jars along with tools for delicately transplanting bushes and grasses from foreign worlds. Ever wanted an alien bush, prickly pears, those weird hive "trees", avian jars, or heck... maybe spikes?

    DNA Splicing Tank: Scan randomly generated monsters to "learn" their parts and abilities, the more you scan the more you collect. Once you have enough, insert a capture pod and you may create a monster with unique looks and attributes. Used with the Terraformer, one may pacify/nullify monsters on low threat worlds and replace random monsters with custom-built "random" monsters.

    Weather Station: A tool against dangerous weather types, it will offer protection from unique environmental threats. The lower the planet's difficulty and size, the faster you will be shielded from environmental hazards. (ex: a moon could be easily pacified and made suitable for that moon base you've always wanted, but a large volcanic world would be a big project) Neutral weather effects could possibly be toggled or later swapped out for different types.

    And also crafting Colony Deeds with dyes, because that home is on the brink of fabulous. (One for the screen, one for the frame)
  12. Dekadrachm

    Dekadrachm Giant Laser Beams

    I would love to seem some spaceship combat and more space lore such as abandoned cargo ships, destroyed ships, abandoned space stations, weird artifacts, and more. I also wouldn't mind asteroid mining mechs.
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  13. DraikNova

    DraikNova Phantasmal Quasar

    Randomly generated attack modifiers on randomly generated weapons. Stuff like melee weapons that fire projectiles with each swing, or charge up from 50% to 300% damage as you use them, firearms whose projectiles leave an energy trail behind them or bombard the area under their path with weaker projectiles, or projectiles that bounce. Just stuff to make finding the randomly generated weapons more exciting, and to give a bit more reason to explore, just to find that perfect combination of modifiers. Staves and wands already have a bit of this, but they're kind of like all of the firearm types merged into one and given a different firing type, so I'm not sure they count.
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  14. Exilyth

    Exilyth Astral Cartographer

    A scanner for the ship which can be upgraded to make different landing sites available.

    E.g. on the lowest tier, you only get the normal 'beam down' location.
    Further upgrades would make new beam sites available, e.g. "beam down (lifeforms detected)" near a village.
    There could be optional upgrades for identifying the type of the locations e.g. "beam down (lifeforms detected)" -> "beam down (hostiles detected)" -> "beam down (cultist shrine detected)".
  15. Urelius

    Urelius Master Chief

    A stun-Gun...
    For a RP'er like me it does not make much sense to kill humans of any kind, be they crazy USCM's or just Bandids.
    I'd like to have the ability to stun them and imprison them or set them to neutral like sometimes when you nearly kill an outlaw and they surrender.
    Or at least let them sleep for some time, while u take all their stuff >:D
  16. Lavender Aces

    Lavender Aces Space Spelunker

    I like this idea! I play mostly Hylotl, so I've always felt it was little out of character to run around murdering everyone.
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  17. DraikNova

    DraikNova Phantasmal Quasar

    Some way to keep villagers from getting angry or pacify them when I accidentally break their pots and bottles, which prompts my crew to shoot them. So far, this has killed two frogs, a couple of shadow people and if I remember correctly a novakid town.
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  18. Lavender Aces

    Lavender Aces Space Spelunker

    I've been there too. I hire exclusively penguins, and when I get attacked it is truly terrifying how they respond.
  19. Sharp(JQ)

    Sharp(JQ) Pangalactic Porcupine

    It's a bit xenophobic. :)
  20. Urelius

    Urelius Master Chief

    <All other Alien(nonalien and other sentient beeings included> :D

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