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What does YOUR ship look like?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Fain, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Delusions

    Delusions Orbital Explorer

    instead of copying the Imageshack ULR to post your image, either click on the right side "Links to share this image" (not sure which you would want to select. Or simply Right click on your image itself, a popup will appear and click copy, use that link.
    Test: NOTE Xanglaeus's ship[​IMG]
  2. Xanglaeus

    Xanglaeus Space, The Final Frontier

    Ok, thanks Delusions :)
  3. Firestar

    Firestar Void-Bound Voyager


    It's a work in progress, but after hearing about the balance upgrade, I've become less enthusiastic about trying to get my diamond pickaxe.... so I've been working on my ship instead :)

    It used to be just full of storage lockers, but I realized I really don't use that much storage space.
    Since my character is an artifact hunter who dreams of having everything in the universe cataloged into his 3-D printer, he's picked up a few oddities from all kinds of cultures, so why not show some of them off?

    I'd like to think I have the most lavish kitchen in the universe so far. ;)
    I do wish the ships were just a tiny bit bigger... or just have some space that we could dedicate as a "cargo hold" like the space underneath the fuel gauge and chair. Just enough for some boxes of cargo to fit.
  4. Icarius Fallen

    Icarius Fallen Void-Bound Voyager

    Some beautiful background items there. Avian village stuff, I'm assuming?
  5. Pinsir99

    Pinsir99 Aquatic Astronaut

    This is all I have so far :(
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  6. Delusions

    Delusions Orbital Explorer

    The Pelts, Leaf paper and bed are floran village items. The Moon and bookcase certainly look avian, maybe the bookcase in a avian village and the moon in a avian temple? I dont have either.
    The map I would imagine can spawn on the avian pirate ship instaed of the coloured map? I dont have it either but thats the only location ive seen a map.
    Pelts leaf and bed I know for sure though.
  7. Insomnacious

    Insomnacious Void-Bound Voyager


    I like to think of it as sort of a space-okie arrangement, most everything I own is packed in there... somewhere. Tried to keep the base aesthetic of the hylotls alive here.
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  8. Firestar

    Firestar Void-Bound Voyager

    The moon is from an avian temple as are the gold blocks. The bookcase is actually a Glitch Royal bookcase. I forget where I got the map. I'm assuming the pirate ship which is also the only place I've found those beautiful wooden crates.

    How are people changing the background of their ship in some of the earlier posts? Was that something that worked before the patch and does not work now or can it only be done if there are no items in the ship or something?
    I really wanted to use different backgrounds to separate the different parts of the ship. I really love the avian temple blocks (OMG are they hard to get though) and wanted to use them as a background but right clicking won't give me a background. It works on the planet though.
  9. Elberik

    Elberik Poptop Tamer


    Have yet to come across a high-tech civilization. Only tombs & castles so far.
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  10. mewfan151

    mewfan151 Big Damn Hero

    Ship.jpg Here's mine, took it recently, just after I was finished :3 I found some REALLY small, stackable storage with 16 slots per box, so that's long the walls.... and yes, I did change my door out for a Bamboo one, I found a lovely little vacated house... well, a few of them, in a high level world, dead Florans everywhere... :s

    Also, I am in love with the reference I found :3 took and put that up as well, and I did find a "Twenty thousand bullets tow ear this hat for ten seconds" Ushanka as well, but Little Mystwing isn't wearing that here.

    Edit: having probelms posting my picture, doesn't seem to want to go through :s
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
  11. Starsly

    Starsly Big Damn Hero

    So I kinda tried to make a base that was in between nice looking and functional, thus.

  12. Canaris

    Canaris Void-Bound Voyager


    Just need a handful more titanium bars and I'll have a bed that better matches the rest!
  13. Tyrindor

    Tyrindor Space Kumquat

    This thread keep reminding me how god awful the default zoom level is. Thanks Starsly/Canaris for posting with the zoom level everyone should be using. :) So much more crisp/clear than the pixelated mess of the default settings.

    After they optimize the beta more, I really hope they change the default zoom to x2.
  14. Canaris

    Canaris Void-Bound Voyager

    Well, Photobucket further compressed my image or it would be crisper. But there's really no other way to play this game but on 2x zoom.
  15. Tyrindor

    Tyrindor Space Kumquat

    Agreed, the default setting of 3x just confuses me. Gives the graphics a very bad first impression, and ruins the otherwise beautiful textures.
  16. Delusions

    Delusions Orbital Explorer

    The back wall of the main room count as just basic background tiles, so you can mine them out with right click. Although the game still has a background behind them its not just a open window to space.

    Edit: I never really have the options much thought, they seemed to basic so I assumed they didnt do much. Just found out about X2 zoom :D.
  17. Destructor

    Destructor Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I have to admit, I consider my ship my home away from home. Everything I need is right there.


    Yeah, it's a bit cluttered. But it has a good feel to it. At least I think so.

    I'm fully planning on installing one of the ship modification mods for the next beta before starting out. Just so I have more room to put things.
  18. Bearo

    Bearo Contact!

    Anyone else notice the person just chillin in the bed back there?
  19. Nitris

    Nitris Scruffy Nerf-Herder


    Probably remake this but remove the background after the wipe.

    The Toxic chest pokes out a big tongue when you open it. :D
  20. Firestar

    Firestar Void-Bound Voyager

    There are so many neat things that I don't have yet! Like, where are people getting the wood and metal counter tops for the kitchen? The carved wooden table at the first post? What about that gold chest?
    So many things I have yet to discover! :)

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