What Do NPCs Sound Like?

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  1. Seismothesaurus

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    Do you have headcanon voices for any of the NPCs? I need some inspiration because I am really terrible at coming up with voices, lol. I only 'hear' the two singles I've gotten furthest in relationships with. Must find one for Leah soon!

    Shane: Basically Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting with a slightly less pronounced accent (because that's close to how my bestie from New England sounded, and I just liked his voice).

    Abigail: Christina Ricci but slightly deeper. I guess my brain made the connection because I liked that Casper movie when I was little. :rofl:

    So what are y'alls? I'm interested to know what variety there must be.
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    • LuthienNightwolf

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      Ooh good question! I've never really thought about voices tbh. But I can tell you which actors a couple of them remind me of.

      Let me go dig around on Google and I'll get back to you.
      • LuthienNightwolf

        LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

        Okay, here goes.

        So, for some reason, probably his personality and the whole small town, jock vibe, Alex *really* reminds me of the character Travis in the movie Son in Law.
        I can't really find any good pictures of him from the movie, just this one:
        But here's a better shot of his face:
        The actor's name is Dan Gauthier. He's a lot older now obviously.

        For Sam, his portrait looks SO much like Mark Paul Gosselaar aka Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell, that's pretty much how I picture him. Could be that Sam is a little bit of a troublemaker just like Zack was.
        zach yse.jpg

        And Haley, again because of her personality, reminds me of Shannon (played by Maggie Grace) from the series Lost, who had a similar story arc of being a spoiled brat in the beginning and kinda mellowing out as the series went on.

        That's all the further I've really got with the singles, I tend to just see them as their pixel selves most of the time so I haven't really sat down and picked out actors for the rest. I'm sure if I really put my mind to it I could come up with more. Dunno if those help with voices at all but I usually find that when I do this with cartoon or book characters I have to have the whole image and then the voice just kinda comes with it.

        I have been trying to nail down someone for Seb but it's really hard because I'm super picky. I've looked up singers from emo bands (cuz of the hair) and found nothing that really fits how I picture him, they're all too lanky or effeminate. :rofl: I like your choice of Christina Ricci for Abigail though, she does play a lot of spooky girls so it's definitely fitting.
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        • Seismothesaurus

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          That guy totally looks like Alex in the second picture! Even the expression. Just give him an entire tube of hair gel and he's set.

          I've only seen SBTB out of those three, but Sam definitely has Zack Morris vibes, lol.

          Yeah, I'm particular, too. I spent ages trying to find a Shane for a drawing reference, but I never found anyone specific. Just an assortment of sad&scruffy stock photo guys who captured the aesthetic but not the actual look.
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          • Jack Of Shades

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            I have truly never thought of, nor cared, what they sounded like. Interesting thoughts though.
            • The take-care

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              Myy best voices are:

              Harvey sounds like lenny
              Pam sounds like Patty/Selma
              (Both from the simpsons)
              And demetrius sounds like Preston Garvey (fallout 4)

              To all others i give voices that sounds like normal people just a bit diffrent (except Sam that has no special voice so i read it in my voice) although it's hard for me to give diffrent voices to the 3 moms (caroline jody and robin) they all sound the same for me
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              • Seismothesaurus

                Seismothesaurus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Haha, poor Harvey!

                I think Jodi has a very chipper voice that's partially used to mask how unhappy she can be.

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